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  1. Mustang or Corvette?

    As of owner of both ... it depends on what you’re looking for out of a car . I wouldn’t daily a vette, but people do it all the time. When I moved back into a mustang it was worlds better as a daily
  2. How much is my mustang worth?

    Niche car with, a niche use, with a market that primarily can't afford it, and is produced in fairly decent numbers... what were you honestly expecting..
  3. January 2018 Sales

    With the price of the Mustang as it sits now.... Competition is expediting the mustangs demise.. Camaro sticks around it won't be too long before we are paying 40k just to get into a base model decently powered Base mustang.
  4. C7 Vette to 2018 Mustang?

    I honestly say you need to pick up a Charger, C 300, or an Older CTS-V.... A mustang for kids isn't very logical.
  5. Will the GT500 Have a DCT

    Machsmith already knows how I feel about this subject.. Right now my assumptions of power levels are looking to be in line with what I said... Now it's time to see how DCT works out
  6. PP2...........starting to appear at dealerships

    Ahh the people who aren't gonna use this or that perspective... My honest opinion... don't buy the car if you aren't going to have fun in it. I roasted all 4 corners of my P zeros in 8k miles using as much performance as I could...
  7. What impact will it have on 6-speed sales that PP is no longer exclusive to manuals?

    There is never an everybody wins.. There is always a loser somewhere and at this point in time the manual is the clear loser right now.
  8. What impact will it have on 6-speed sales that PP is no longer exclusive to manuals?

    Honestly, there has to be a quality control issue ford needs to address... there is just no way we can go from it being absolutely horrible and then others love it.
  9. *MT-82 upgraded* but what does it mean ?

    Doesn't the revised MT-82 have 2 overdrives now? IF so, I probably wouldn't touch it.
  10. Mustang or Corvette?

    I traded in my corvette for a stang... It's just a whole lot easier to personalize the mustang vs corvette, but insurance rates for a 27 yr old was a hell of a lot cheaper for me here in dallas with a corvette... Literally that would be the only reason I would go back to a corvette for a daily.
  11. 2018 GT vs 2016 Camaro - Track Times Compared w/Video

    Hell, I wouldn't crash it unless I was for sure able to get another one. The hell people go through just to get one seems a little too unreal right now.
  12. 2018 GT vs 2016 Camaro - Track Times Compared w/Video

    While I am not a PP2 owner... I do have PP1... My car is lowered and I have the same PP2 tires.. I also have a lip that is lower than the standard lips on both 17-18GTPP. I don't really get it. Yeah she might scrape a few times here and there, BUT she's still a blast to drive. Also, have you...
  13. December 2017 Mustang Sales

    While I don't know GM's margins on the Camaro... I can't imagine them being that well since you are using the same platform for 3 cars.... That's three cars with three different sets of parts. Factor in TWO of those cars aren't even selling over a 1,000 units... I don't see it..... Fun fact...
  14. Estimate the 2019 GT500’s HP. *Poll*

    Meh *♂️ 755 just feels like a nice start..maybe even 775... if ford is considering dodge a threat now and wants to be close to the demon
  15. Is Magneride worth it? (Magneride explained)

    Is it worth it? I think that highly depends on what you’ll do with the car and how long you’ll keep it. Only time will tell if these were made to a high standard or not( quality control) But I say it’s worth it if your wallet can afford the repair in some unfortunate event
  16. My 15GT is ruined :( Go for a GT350 or boosted GT?

    FUCK YEAH! I'm late to the thread, but as each page loaded I was like he better choose the GT... You won't find a better deal now that the new ones are out! What's even better is that everyone knows how much a gt350 makes and sounds, but they won't know what hit them when a seemingly stock GT...
  17. Butt hurt 15-17 owners come on in!

    Butthurt? Me? Nah? Ill be paid off and boosted... not butt hurt at all
  18. Here is the 2018 10 speed auto gas mileage

    The Cheap Fords keep everything going smoothly.... Lose the bottom end... I assure you that's it for the rest of you
  19. Here is the 2018 10 speed auto gas mileage

    My c6 saw 30 MPG on the regular... No Cylinder Deactivation