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  1. What's In DFB's Cabinet?

    @DFB5.0 I tried searching the thread but I could not find anything so apologies if you have addressed this: zinc based sunscreen has rubbed off my arms into the leather (?) of my EB premium doors. Would you use anything in particular to clean that? Thanks.
  2. 2024 Saleen 302 Black Label

    As a rule I like colors on cars, but... although I know that is a trademark color of Saleen's it looks like a Dodge color to me, which I think is emphasizing the Dodge-ness of the grill. I wonder how it would look in blue.
  3. C8 ZR1

    The trouble with the 'Vette is that unless you live near a specialty dealer you are kind of in the same boat. Hell, a buddy who lives in a small town had a supercharged Buick and his local dealer didn't know how to do the maintenance on the 'charger because they had never seen one.
  4. Window Sticker

    As far as I can tell whoever was doing it as a service to the forum is not any longer. I ended up paying $20 to Marti for a rather useless report. I then found someone had posted a link for monroneylabels.com a couple pages back in this thread and not only were they legit it was only $10. I...
  5. Anyone come up w/a remedy for the poor radio reception?

    I was wondering if there was corrosion where the antenna screws in but I guess it's just not a great radio. I like listening to over-the-air radio for testosterone, gambling, and kars for kids ads.
  6. Change differential 3.15 on 3.55.

    Before everyone jumps in I am going to guess that you are changing from 3.15 to 3.55? The main thing, aside from the mechanical work, is that you will need to go into Forscan and let the computer know that you have changed it. Apparently the computer can autodetect the ratio. I don't know...
  7. Track setting

    Track setting or die!
  8. Where is Vin code by carbody located ford mustang ecoboost 2015?

    Not sure what they are asking for. The one visible through the windshield is a plate attached to the body.
  9. Can't lock up the rear. Normal?

    Catalina's Coche y Cafe
  10. I HATE the roads in Maryland.

    I remember years ago for some reason driving on a back road in northern Baltimore county and the already crappy road suddenly got so much worse. It was like driving from West Germany into East Germany. I asked my friend what happened and he said we just crossed into Pennsylvania.
  11. Tear in Frame

    When I bought my Mustang the dealer provided the carfax but I paid for an autocheck anyway just to see if there were any discrepancies.
  12. Tear in Frame

    One side was done on Friday and the other was done the following Monday.
  13. Has Anyone Contacted Ford and Ask Are they Sharing Personal Driving Data to Third a Party?

    Thank you. Doesn't mean they won't sell it in the future but it is somewhat reassuring.
  14. I don’t get it?!…..HELP!!!!

    Well Aussie horsepoweriedoos is only like 0.67 US horsepower so that is probably the problem right there.
  15. 1st Manual Car

    If the tach does not match what the throttle is doing is the only time I would really be thinking the clutch is worn. On the other hand I am not sure how to diagnose throw-out bearing problems.
  16. How to “restick” the corner of a vinyl stripe?

    I could see it costing around $10k to have a decent shop paint a simple stripe. I imagine a robot in a factory on the line could do it for significantly less.
  17. What’s something you wish you Knew when you got your first Mustang??

    Unlike small fwd sedans and hatches, pony cars, especially the eponymous pony car, look very good with graphics and stripes.
  18. So I sent to a wedding this weekend....

    Since I got my car it has become my personality.
  19. What’s something you wish you Knew when you got your first Mustang??

    DIY + Community can't be overstated. The Mustang is really easy to jack up even without adding jacking rails, although I got them anyway. There is (relatively) lots of room under the hood to work.* If you want to know how to do something there is probably a video for it. Ask a question and...
  20. What’s something you wish you Knew when you got your first Mustang??

    Lighten up Francis. If you were not aware we are on a Mustang forum. I was not trying to sell OP on the merits of the Mustang versus the very capable Camaro. Edit-I drive a convertible, it's not going to win any races