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  1. OEM shifter removal issue

    Is the car on a lift or jack stands? Not sure if your suspension is loaded or not, could be an issue. It shouldn’t really make that much of a difference the way I look at it, but it might be just enough to get the bolt out.
  2. Stall for no reason and voltage output regularly at 15.2 volts - is this an issue???

    Absolutely. Sounds like it should be an easy warranty repair but we all know how Ford is with repairs. Good luck.
  3. Stall for no reason and voltage output regularly at 15.2 volts - is this an issue???

    Not sure how accurate the gauge is, I would turn the car on and read across the battery terminals with a voltmeter to see the real voltage. If it is still high, I would suggest the alternator is putting out excessively high voltage. Not sure if you can adjust voltage output or not on these cars...
  4. rattle

    Possibly rattle coming from the emergency brake? I’ve heard it can come loose over time and obviously it would then rattle.
  5. Bullitt Brake Issues

    Turns out the seal between the diff and driver’s axle gave up. Ford ordered a new one and is covering it under warranty.
  6. Bullitt Brake Issues

    Update: Didn’t end up taking the wheels off to inspect, but I jacked up the driver’s side of the car and spun both tires. The front tire spun without issue, the rear tire spun fine except it seemed like there was a fairly noticeable difference in how much friction was there when spinning. Don’t...
  7. Bullitt Brake Issues

    Yes I do. I haven’t driven a Gen 3 mustang other than this one so not sure what the stock clutch is like
  8. Bullitt Brake Issues

    Wow thank you for finding it so quick!
  9. Bullitt Brake Issues

    Was suspecting wheel bearings too. And thank you snellemin for the brake and fluid recommendations. I will check the car this weekend. As an aside, does anyone know what this is? It’s on the bottom side of the strut brace.
  10. Bullitt Brake Issues

    Forgive my ignorance, and I don’t mean this in a negative way, but how would brake fluid cause this issue? My pedal is pretty firm when I use the brakes, so I don’t think there’s air in the system. Are you referring to the fluid possibly getting hot from a previous track day and messing up the...
  11. Bullitt Brake Issues

    Based on other things I’ve noticed, it does seem the car was driven pretty hard. I originally thought the front left brake might be the issue, but now I’m suspecting the rear left rotor with your advice. I have no pulsating through the steering, which means it’s probably not one of the front...
  12. Bullitt Brake Issues

    Hi all, Picked up a 2019 Bullitt a few days ago with 36,000 on the dash. Driving the two hours home, I put the car on cruise control. I wanted to slow down and so I depressed the brake pedal, but the cruise control didn’t deactivate. It turns out that the cruise control won’t deactivate until I...
  13. Drive Modes Enabled!

    Hey Pony, It has been a while since I’ve dealt with the issue, but I believe I had a value wrong and that’s what happened. I now have everything working perfectly. I would go back and double check all values. There should be a thread somewhere on this forum with all the values you need. Good luck!
  14. South Carolina WTB 2015-17 OEM Headers

    Want to buy left and right 2015-17 OEM exhaust manifolds w/ catalytic converters still installed. Want to go back to stock. Located in Greenwood, SC and willing to pay for shipping.
  15. Exhaust against swaybar

    Hey guys, I had my AWE exhaust modified with an h pipe resonator back in November. Ever since then, I’ve been dealing with an exhaust rattle (driver side) against the sway bar. I’ve tried just about everything I can think of, from trying to modify the hanger, repositioning the exhaust a million...
  16. Florida WTB VLAND EUROS 2018+

    Nope just plug both the lights into the factory harness and you’re set.
  17. Florida WTB VLAND EUROS 2018+

    I have a set of vland smoked euros if you want them
  18. Black wrapped spoiler and handles

    I have a black car and when it was wrapped I left the handles, mirrors, roof, wing, and hood vents black. If I wrap it again I’ll probably do the same thing. But you’re right, I don’t think there are many mustangs with black handles, at least in my area.
  19. Black wrapped spoiler and handles

    This might be too much black for you, idk - but I think a black roof and mirrors would look great in addition to all the nice work you have already done.