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  1. Does a 265 tire fit on the front PP wheel, and can you run it?

    Anybody have an idea if this has been done? I know the tire will fit the wheel. I'm more curious about clearance on the inside by the suspension components.
  2. Parking in hot garage

    I want to see this freaking cat that is lifting the garage door! Stay out of that things way.
  3. Low mileage 2017 GTPP vs 50k miles 2019 GTPP

    The 2017 6 speed has a closer ratio transmission than the 2018 plus as well. Depending on what you like, that could be a consideration. I like the close ratios, also the low miles. I think you made the right call.
  4. Does a 265 tire fit on the front PP wheel, and can you run it?

    Curious if anybody has put a 265 up front on the performance pack wheels and stock ride height, and if it clears everything. Looking in there, it just doesn't look like there is too much extra room, but I'm not expert on exactly what is needed clearance wise. I'd like to run a 265 up front...
  5. Show me you and your Mustang out having fun in the winter snow!!

    This is a video my old roommate shot. First part is low, I think he was a bit nervous. He had a BMW, and even with all assists disabled, it really wasn't letting car spin freely unless you were near red line. Was weird.
  6. there aren't many pics of the LMR SVE R355 wheels... so here's a bunch

    Would love to see that as well with some natural lighting.
  7. From 370z to Mustang GT

    If you start spinning the tires unintentionally, ease up on the throttle. :P Don't mash the throttle mid turn. Smooth and controlled steering and throttle, brake. Drive with your brain and respect the car, and it should remain planted.
  8. And Another Crazy Mustang Stunt!

    "Cannot load Facebook SDK. Disable any adblocker or tracking protection and try again. " Anybody else get that?
  9. Burble Tunes

    I asked if I could get just a few pops on shifts(Not a burble tune, just a few pops, like for a quarter second), he(Alex) refused because it "makes the car run like shit". I took his advice. Car runs great. I'd like more pops, but realistically, if it's not good for the car, i'm fine with that...
  10. Help line lock

    Don't let your foot back even a millimeter on the brake pedal before clicking ok, that has gotten me a few times.
  11. 2017 vs 2018 Mustang GT reliability

    Both probably as dependable. If your looking for a six speed. Do you like closer gear spacing, or longer gears? That's what id consider. The gen 3 coyote makes good power. So does the gen 2, just a bit less.
  12. 2017 Mustang GT Stock Engine/Tune/Cats Steeda H-Pipe no mufflers

    Yeah, may have to move up from the borla touring cans before too long. Probably go with a louder borla, or maybe try out a corsa.
  13. 2017 Mustang GT Stock Engine/Tune/Cats Steeda H-Pipe no mufflers

    In case anybody is curious how it sounds. I know I was. Just fucking around, decided to pull out the mufflers for the day. Made me realize i could go with louder axle backs without hating it.
  14. Finally got my 2020 Rapid Red GT PP1

    Why would you pay for the performance pack, and then get rid of the high quality brake pads? They are performance pads.
  15. Finally got my 2020 Rapid Red GT PP1

    In for some sweet daytime pics.
  16. Finally got my 2020 Rapid Red GT PP1

    Wow. She is beautiful, very jealous. Treat her well As for break in. Dont "keep it under a certain rpm" take it easy, no harsh launches etc. While driving you want to vary the Rpms, no highway cruise control at 1500 rpms for 500 miles. Explore all the rpms, ease your way up to redline...
  17. SMDH Houston

    Damn that is fucked up.
  18. SMDH Houston

    Jesus fucking christ. Practice driving before showing off. Also dont do that shit when cars are coming up on you at 60 mph. Congrats on your totaled mustang, and putting innocent lives at risk. Better yet, don't show off. Seriously, has he ever pulled away slightly aggressively from a turn...
  19. What can I use to give a gloss finish to a plastidipped emblem?

    You can spray it with regular gloss clear. From what I've seen(haven't tried it) when you go to remove plasti dip with clear on it, it breaks into small bits and is harder to remove.