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  1. Cobra / Coyote emblems

  2. 2015 'Stang vs 2014/15 Nissan 370z

    I'm no longer in the market for the mustang, but IMO the 2 cars really are incomparable. Besides pricing, I don't know why someone would want less seats, less interior room, less power than the mustang gt. You can argue all day about the z cars "superior" handling, but at the end of the...
  3. Disappointed in pricing?

    Sorry, i'm still unchanged in my preference. When all the problems you listed show up on the '15 refreshed model, I'll thank you and give you props. However, how does the transmission problem carry over if its a completely different 8 speed now? And with new body panels how do you know...
  4. Disappointed in pricing?

    I kind of already have on the challengertalk forum, its challengerhobo there, lmao. I intend on keeping both names due to still being a "hobo" and not owning/leasing either car yet.
  5. Disappointed in pricing?

    haha, i'm not getting it to race every schmuck on the street. I'm getting it because after looking at what both are bringing to the table, the only plus about the mustang to me is the more powerful engine. I prefer the interior, the 8 speed trans, the revised exterior, literally everything more...
  6. Disappointed in pricing?

    i was a bit disappointed at first with the GT entry price but only because I wished somehow the GT would've been 30k even and include leather racing gloves, and a cool leather jacket for the ladies to admire. I knew full well it wouldn't be priced unbelievably and comparable to the other cars...
  7. Purported "official" 2015 Mustang weight specs - via dealer manual source book

    I honestly have faith ford will get 450 out of the gt to be relatable to the whole 50 yr theme. I dont think the weight will be as high either. Really think ford is trying to make a statement with this car
  8. Leasing the new mustang

    Most people seem to be leaning towards purchasing the new mustang. I was as well however up until recently, i'm probably going to get a truck with the wife and split the payment, but i'm considering leasing the new mustang as well if not this year, next model year. Just curious if anyone...
  9. exhaust: clamps vs welding..

    I'm no expert, but what from what i've seen and heard, I would guess people bolt/clamp on their exhausts so that its easier to remove it later down the line. I've never had an aftermarked exhaust but if i ever did, i'd make sure to have it welded on. People are always swapping and selling...
  10. The Engine Break-In Debate

    I've read that most manufacturers break in the engines prior to installation so they're ready to go once they leave the factory? Anyone able to confirm or debunk this? I revved my fr-s to 7k as soon as i drove it off the lot and on to the highway. I mostly babied it from there but would rev...
  11. Official 2.3L Ecoboost Thread

    I would trust them, if I'm not mistaken this 2.3 engine is very similar to the mazdaspeed 3 2.3 disi engine, only newer and improved.
  12. Official 2.3L Ecoboost Thread

    I'm just curious, but has anyone assumed what the estimated cost of tuning the ecoboost to match the GT's output would be, or if it would end up costing a lot more than a GT? I know with the ecoboost flex you could flash it and get instant HP/TQ increases.
  13. Honestly, Options/Packages Seem Stupidly Aimed At Women

    It will happen eventually. With less people buying vehicles these days the art of manual driving is going to die. Most 16-23 yr olds have no idea how a manual works. If not for it being so widely available in the past, there would probably be even less MT knowledgeable drivers today. I...
  14. Honestly, Options/Packages Seem Stupidly Aimed At Women

    I'm 99% sure ford will offer the PP on autos on next years model if not later on in the debut models life. Its a ploy to make the anniversary model more limited and collectible.
  15. EcoBoost sales vs GT

    I think the ecoboost is going to outsell the gt. The reasoning is not everyone can afford the gt. I think most parents who spoil their kids will opt for the ecoboost instead of the GT. I also think most younger buyers 19-25 will opt for the ecoboost as well due to the pricing, fuel...
  16. Adaptive Cruise Control

    I'm not sure how well the acc works but my sister in laws explorer has something similar that alerts the driver when theres a sudden car stopped ahead. I had my doubts but last week on the way home traffic stopped suddenly due to construction. Needless to say, if the alert hadn't gone off we...
  17. Spoilers Eco and GT are different??

    I don't have any pics but it sounds like the ecoboost will be more of a decklid/duckbill style spoiler and the GT will be more of a pedestal raised spoiler.
  18. Asia Pacific 2015 Mustang w/ clear tail lights

    It gets me pumped actually! I like japanese tuner cars too and can't wait to see what the asians do to it. Hell anyone that could turn a shitbox civic into a head turning sleeper is cool in my book.
  19. Build & price

    damn! so now we have to wait til July possibly? They should just release it without a dealer link so we can build one already jeez! lol
  20. 2015 Mustang Options/Pricing/Codes in Order Banks (Shelby Model Shown!)

    So......... How much for a gt in guard with an auto? No frills just bare bones auto gt?