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  1. GT ISO carbon fiber spoiler, 16 GT

    Hey guys if anyone needs Carbon Fiber spoilers I work with Anderson Composites and can get you some DM me for prices
  2. Texas WTB: Black Wheels

    DMd you
  3. California Misc. Parts for Sale

    Corsa tips still available?
  4. 16 GT Premium, DIB,PP,Recaros,6-speed

    Didn't think there would be anyone from NWA on here lol, thought I was the only one.
  5. F/S::: GT350 Shift Knob

    PM'd you
  6. Speedo off

    Ah, okay
  7. Speedo off

    I was just curious if it was something I could do. Will the dealership charge? I really don't trust them touching my car...
  8. Speedo off

    I'm sure this has been asked before, but changed my wheels recently and my speedometer is off by 5mph can I fix this myself or do I have to take it into dealership for them to fix it
  9. FS: Steering Wheel Bezels Wrapped in 3m Di-Noc carbon fiber vinyl

    I just now saw that you cant sell anymore, so I had to delete lol
  10. FS: Steering Wheel Bezels Wrapped in 3m Di-Noc carbon fiber vinyl

    Damn dude, I wanted to get a set >_<
  11. Spring install estimate.... WTF?!

    Costing me 200 for spring install :D
  12. Your First Mod and Why

    So. After the new wheels I figured I needed some low low.. So I order some lowering springs to drop her and I found the perfect exhaust setup and I have those on the way as well. This week is gonna be awesome :) ended up snagging the wheels before Brent got his hands on them lol
  13. PP Wheels and Tires (6500 Miles on them)

    I have a set with 5500 miles on them for 900 located in Bentonville, Arkansas if anyone is interested
  14. Your First Mod and Why

    After I get my custom exhaust, I'll be ordering tunes from MPT and asking if they have ghost cam yet :D
  15. Exhaust Sizes

    Well I plan on doing twin turbos in the future, should I just wait till then to increase exhaust sizes?
  16. Exhaust Sizes

    That's what I figured. Is 2.75 biggest we should go?
  17. Stock GT Exhaust on V6 Mustang

    I opened a new thread pertaining to this question curious what you guys thought about this exhaust setup start video at 53 seconds or so [ame]
  18. Exhaust Sizes

    To give an idea what I was looking at start the video at 53 seconds [ame]