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  1. Edmunds GT500 and GT500 CF Track Pack test numbers

    Not to be a dick but I see nothing in this that relates to long term. You all might have had a GT500 longer than us but that doesn't make it "long term". To me long term means maintenance, problems, etc. Nothing in here about that. So just call it testing the GT500 vs GT500 CFTP. I am assuming...
  2. Jmeo's 2020 Shelby American GT500 SE Wide Body Build

    When my ass figures out how to post pics I will. I'm 28 and everyone older than me here is more tech savvy lol. I only took 5 and no full car pics. I will work on it tomorrow. Took a pic of seats, pulley, rear, hood and dash. Not great quality as it was my phone.
  3. Jmeo's 2020 Shelby American GT500 SE Wide Body Build

    So yesterday Shelby America was at the local Ford dealer since it was mustang week here. Got to see my first GT500 in person. The grabber lime (my original color choice) looked better in person than in pics I have seen. The GT500 SE they brought was a prototype but took a few pictures. The...
  4. 2020 GT500's Scheduled For Production - Part 2

    I'll call my dealer tomorrow and see what they have to say. They rely on me (aka this forum) for info. their rep doesn't seem the best. Thanks for keeping me updated!
  5. 2020 GT500's Scheduled For Production - Part 2

    Glad you posted this since my dealership didn't call and let me know. Thanks for the update!
  6. How many 2020 GT500 guys are members of this forum?

    During day/evening everyone meets up at a huge parking lot with sponsors and vendors. Night time a lot of people meet up and drive ocean boulevard to see all the cars. That's an every weekend thing here though but mustang week is just all types of mustangs. If memory serves me correct the local...
  7. How many 2020 GT500 guys are members of this forum?

    Mustang Week is in Myrtle Beach each summer.
  8. How many 2020 GT500 guys are members of this forum?

    I know you waited a while as well. I am just hoping we can all meet up in my home town next summer for mustang week and talk, BS and have a good time.
  9. How many 2020 GT500 guys are members of this forum?

    Nope 5000 not built yet. When I say I received mine we know 5000 have been built haha
  10. Twister Orange GT500 pictures

    Been a while since I have been in this thread as I just got a VIN for my car and don't want to see my exact car too much before I get as it just makes the wait seem longer but This is my new background Just realized I was last post in this thread three months ago. So from build status to VIN...
  11. Anyone trade in a GT350 for a GT500 in Texas?

    If it is carmax that won't help. They send all cars they get in to regional distribution centers and then send them where ever they think they are needed in country. Sold my gt350 there when corona hit bc I figured car sales would take a hit on value. That's what I was told when I traded and...
  12. Jmeo's 2020 Shelby American GT500 SE Wide Body Build

    Hey man if you decide you would like to save a little money I'd be willing to help you and buy that hood off you. Not that I want the hood or anything like that but just to be nice and help. Congrats on the SE! Definitely excited to see how the widebody looks on the GT500. Going to be a sexy...
  13. Shelby GT350 Garage Photos

    Car Cribs would be a great idea for a show. Get regular Joe's (whether rich or poor but not famous) to show their garage set ups and cars. Drive their cars and just explain and show why they are drawn to certain cars.
  14. Shelby SE is out!

    I just want that hood!
  15. John Gruden

    Granted the GT500 isn't as described above but vegas is a lot bigger economy than we had so giving a GT500 away is the same as above. They lost no money on the deal. Gruden is one of my least favorite coaches as I grew up a Bronco fan. Am I mad someone that could buy ant car in the world got a...
  16. John Gruden

    I will say this, Being a car dealership in WV (small market, low economy) we had season tickets to both college teams in the state just for "donating" a car to some random person at the university each year. Whether they kept the same car for a couple years or change each year wasn't relevant...
  17. Just out of curiosity what MPG are you people getting with your new GT 500's

    Like the cars! normally not a fan of stripes etc but the charger looks good with them. Not saying they can't get good gas mileage but they shouldn't haha. When I pick up my GT500 I will have about 120 miles of freedom before I hit a state that is known for tickets. Then after that state I am...
  18. What build number is your Shelby GT500

    I think most of us here that have been commenting for a year should have been under at least 1k but you know, we don't matter. An 18 year old kid with 50k viewers that sells his car in 4 months is the important one.
  19. Anderson Composite Heat Extractor

    I didn't worry about the carbon dash. the standard one in my GT350 was perfectly fine by me. IF i remember correctly (ordered over a year ago) the carbon dash was $1000. Definitely not worth it to me. If it saved considerable wright then yes I would do it. I ordered a pretty base car to try and...
  20. JLT Intake Install

    Not sure if the JLT is a perfect fit but that sports bra sure is! I would be interested in the JLT if it doesn't require a tune. Haven't read enough about it to know.