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  1. Rob_Stylez

    FS: Project6gr seven satin black w/ Michelin pilot sport 4s

    Are these still available? If so PM shipping to 78023, thanks
  2. Rob_Stylez

    Cervinis Chin Spoiler

    Still have this, if so still considering shipping?
  3. Rob_Stylez

    19x10/11 Project 6gr gunmetal wheels and tires

    How much for the floor mats shipped to 78023 - thanks
  4. Rob_Stylez

    $1000 come get them. 4 RaceStar DarkStars with Hoosiers ready to race (Central Texas)

    Would you sell just the rears, I know couple of people were interested in only the fronts. I have a PP, if not id take the whole set.
  5. Rob_Stylez

    Sold...Cervini 4 inch cowl hood s550 15-17 mustangs.

    What do you mean you didn't like the color? Im assuming Cervinis painted the hood for you, did they not do a good job?
  6. Rob_Stylez

    $1000 come get them. 4 RaceStar DarkStars with Hoosiers ready to race (Central Texas)

    What about PP cars, will these fit on the PP's? Also, where in central tx are you, you might be close to me.
  7. Rob_Stylez

    Corsa Xtreme Catback $950

    PMd you bro
  8. Rob_Stylez

    PP Annoying Brake Dust

    Ah nice, thanks for the info. I just placed my order on rockauto as well, hopefully now I can paint my calipers and not worry about having to clean them calipers as well as my wheels. I was starting to hate to wash my car, I ended up going with Vossen VFS2 wheels and they have way too many...
  9. Rob_Stylez

    Reputable shop in San Antonio

    Once you get your parts installed, you wont need someone to tune your car if your going lund. Just reach out to Lund let them know what mods you have and they'll send you the email tune for you to upload to your car after mods. And if your looking for someone to install Oil Pump Gear, reach...
  10. Rob_Stylez

    BC Coilover FS

    PMd you
  11. Rob_Stylez

    Corsa Xtreme Catback $950

    Shipping available?
  12. Rob_Stylez

    OEM Brand new O2 Sensors

    Let me know if you still have these please
  13. Rob_Stylez

    F/S Oxford White Trufiber Cowl Hood in TX

    Im going a different route with my s550 so I'm selling my already painted hood. This is the fiberglass hood not the carbon fiber, I have had it on for approx. 2 months now. Paint is immaculate, underside is painted as well color matches perfect to my 2015. I have the Roush hood vents installed...
  14. Rob_Stylez

    █ 15-16 Ford Mustang GT350 Style Front Bumper Conversion | Lips | Trunk Spoilers █

    Id like to order the 350 rear valance for premium but would like to see if anyone has any experience with that item? Any pics available here, FB, or Instagram?
  15. Rob_Stylez

    2016 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals!!!

    PM sent It will either be bags or maybe v3 kit for my 93 coupe :confused:
  16. Rob_Stylez

    2016 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals!!!

    Who has lowest price for airbag suspension?
  17. Rob_Stylez

    2016 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals!!!

    I'll be on the look out for airbags or possibly even coilovers
  18. Rob_Stylez

    Interior / Exterior Wrap

    3m Dinoc Carbon Fiber on my roof and my decklid, did it myself. I plan on doing some 3m white in my dash. I also have white carbon fiber from Chameleon, if you go with the pony accents dont do white. You cant really tell when you apply it, I almost forget that I have them.
  19. Rob_Stylez

    F/S Corsa Sport (Extreme) Axle Back

    When you go shipping route, lmk