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  1. W.O.T. Stang

    2nd clock spring fault in 9 months

    Funny thing is, i'm an auto tech professionally, but i have no desire to work on my own cars after doing it so many years. Plus it's covered under warranty and will be documented as well.
  2. W.O.T. Stang

    2nd clock spring fault in 9 months

    Interior is completely stock. Never been touched. I can see how an aftermarket wheel could cause an issue.
  3. W.O.T. Stang

    2nd clock spring fault in 9 months

    Has anyone had issues with steering wheel clock springs failing ever or consistently? I originally had mine replaced in June for an open circuit in the first stage airbag inflator wiring under warranty. All was well until a few days ago, and i haven't been able to pull the code, but i setup...
  4. W.O.T. Stang

    Chirp/cricket noise at warm idle.

    Forgot to update this thread. The noise in my original video i posted was not the timing chain tensioner noise (its entirely different sounding.) This one was from the high pressure fuel pump. It's not causing any issues, but if it ever has to go back to the dealer for warranty work, i will...
  5. W.O.T. Stang

    Show me you and your Mustang out having fun in the winter snow!!

    From our crazy snow storm last week in south Texas.
  6. W.O.T. Stang

    Odd Voltage readings

    Everything you need to know about what you are asking about and then some. If you are interested.
  7. W.O.T. Stang

    Digital Cluster (Questions & Issues)

    The issue with the cruise control is the same for every digital cluster i've seen. It's something i've learned to live with and really doesn't bother me. The one thing that does slightly bother me is the gauge info page. (vacuum, inlet temp, etc.) Any value that changes quickly - such as...
  8. W.O.T. Stang

    2K Rattle Clue - Took video in engine bay...

    Every 5.0 from 2011 has this noise. It's no issue. My 2011 had the same sound, but i never paid it much attention until my 2019 where it was more noticible. I'm not worried about it at all. I only hear it if im listening for it in parking lots anyway. Not to be rude.. but this gif sums...
  9. W.O.T. Stang

    10 Speed Auto or 6 Speed Manual, what say you?

    Every vehicle I owned for the last 21 years was always a manual. I was totally against any automatic (the only place I want my torque converted to is the ground). No “auto-tragic slush box” in my driveway. My 88,95,01,07, and 11 mustangs were all manual. So as you can see I was very stubborn...
  10. W.O.T. Stang

    Forscan vs. Ford IDS

    Can anyone point me in the right direction on what cable i need for forscan and maybe some basic setup tutorials? I tried a few searches and could not come up with anything i trusted.
  11. W.O.T. Stang

    First 1/4 mile runs with the 2019.

    No mods planned. It's a daily driver car and more than i need on the street these days. I'm perfectly happy with what it accomplishes as is. I toyed with the idea of tune/E85, but I don't feel like losing the warranty on a new car if it ever came to that.
  12. W.O.T. Stang

    2k engine rattle - anyone have long term issues with their engines?

    Everyone has it. Same with the tick. No issues from either from anyone i know. Have fun with the mods!
  13. W.O.T. Stang

    2019 mustang headlight bulbs
  14. W.O.T. Stang

    2019 mustang headlight bulbs

    15-17 is HID, 18+ is sealed LED. There is a forum post about this somewhere awhile back i replied too. The factory 18+ headlights are amazing from the factory. No need to change them.
  15. W.O.T. Stang

    Digital dash speedometer accuracy?

    More interesting tech info i found regarding the speedometer.
  16. W.O.T. Stang

    Digital dash speedometer accuracy?

    I was just looking at that thread.. Good info there! I suppose the only way to know for sure is to have an actual radar reading taken... and i'm not that worried about it. Also GPS is not always entirely accurate. I'm sure its within a margin of error and not a big deal. Just curious...
  17. W.O.T. Stang

    Digital dash speedometer accuracy?

    Has anyone else noticed an inaccuracy in your speed? My Performance pack 1 (19" wheels) with digital dash seem to be consistently 2 mph low (reads 37mph when im going 35mph, or 67 mph when im going 65mph). It was confirmed by multiple GPS apps and radar stations that were setup along the...
  18. W.O.T. Stang

    TSB 19-2140 - 5.0 Engine Chirping Noise

    I found out that its my high pressure fuel pump. Guessing it's normal sound operation. I can hear it plain as day if i stick a stethoscope to it.
  19. W.O.T. Stang

    Anyone know what this plastic piece part number?

    Is this the piece you are looking for? If so, as stated above - it's part of the entire mirror assembly.
  20. W.O.T. Stang

    I don't know if my car is actually starting in quiet mode...

    Technically you could put the car in track mode and unplug the connectors / pull the fuse - however that will set an error message on the cluster and also not allow you to ever leave track mode on the fly.