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  1. AlphaCoyote

    Need body work

    Some advice when taking your car to a body shop: - Always wash your car before you go. Do this so you can see any present damage clearly. (My wife's brand new Accord was rear ended 2 weeks after owning it. I washed it before taking it to the shop. Once the repair was "complete", i noticed a...
  2. AlphaCoyote

    How tough to install a spoiler?

    First off, what kind of spoiler is it?
  3. AlphaCoyote

    Clutch/brake pedal assembly removal

    Part Number is JR3Z-2455-A. Just in case anyone else is looking for it.
  4. AlphaCoyote

    Clutch/brake pedal assembly removal

    Can anyone provide me with the part number? I've been looking for a couple days now with no luck. Thanks in advance.
  5. AlphaCoyote

    Just curious has anyone else got caught crossing over the Mexican border LoL

    I got pulled over while leaving a car meet once. The cops were parked by one of the entrances/exits to the parking lot and all the cars that were leaving the meet where going to a different exit, but when I left i went through the exit that the cops were parked at. One proceeded to follow me and...
  6. AlphaCoyote

    Just curious has anyone else got caught crossing over the Mexican border LoL

    I got caught doing 75 in a 30 when i was 14 in my mom's 2001 Honda accord. I took the car while my parents were out of town. The car was towed, the officer took me home, i got grounded for 3 months. I've gotten pulled over around 10 times in my Mustang but only have gotten 2 speeding tickets...
  7. AlphaCoyote

    Owners under 40 years old.

    23. This is the first car I purchased new and i love it just as much as the first day i got into it.
  8. AlphaCoyote

    Dumb Question. Update! plus more dumb questions and answers LOL

    Why do our feet smell but our nose runs?
  9. AlphaCoyote

    Ohio SOLD!!! PP1 wheels, michelin ps4s tires, center caps, Tpms sensors, lugnuts $1050 o.b.o.

    Damn! If only you were closer. I'm about to buy some 4S tires this weekend. GLWS!
  10. AlphaCoyote

    What is Considered "High Mileage" or Life Expectancy of the Coyote?

    Mine just hit 75k miles last week. I do my oil changes every 5k miles and always use Mobil 1 Full Synthetic. She runs like a champ!
  11. AlphaCoyote

    Free Google Home Mini for Premium Spotify Users

    I saw this and thought i'd share. Just go to and login and reserve yours.
  12. AlphaCoyote

    Cant find a key fob, but car stars.

    Did you check the bag that the user manual comes in?
  13. AlphaCoyote

    Hood corrosion repair approved by Ford....

    Why would you expect them to replace the whole hood? It's not like the rust put a hole through your hood. It's just surface rust. They will just sand it down, put some rust stop primer/ bondo and repaint the affected area.
  14. AlphaCoyote

    License Plate Brackets

    Sto n Sho license plate brackets are pretty popular. They attach to the underside of the front splitter or splash guard and gives you the ability to easily remove license plate for a car show and what not.
  15. AlphaCoyote

    New PP brake pads

    I'm running the Z26 brake pads along with their drilled and slotted rotors and they work great! Way less dust than the stock pads. I picked up a complete package on amazon - Front & rear drilled and slotted rotors and brake pads for $311. I just checked the price right now and looks like it went...
  16. AlphaCoyote

    Challenge excepted

    LOL Ducking auto-correct :giggle:
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    Challenge excepted

  18. AlphaCoyote

    Texas FS: 2017 GT350 with extended warranty and lots of extras (Austin, TX)

    I actually saw your Craigslist ad before this post on the forum. Earlier this year I would've picked it up in a heart beat but I got a baby on the way now...which is cool too... I guess lol Good luck on selling this beauty!
  19. AlphaCoyote

    Teenage Drivers...Insurance?

    I was on my parents insurance plan when I got my 2015 5.0 @ 19 years old. I was paying my part which was $240 a month for full coverage. Before then (16 years old to 19) i was driving a 2006 Tacoma and i was paying $100 full coverage a month on my parents insurance plan.