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  1. Pennsylvania Wanted: black S550 trunk

    I'm in the market for a factory trunk lid for my 2015 coupe. Preferably black to color match but other colors will suffice.
  2. Pennsylvania NIB Steeda Parts S550 GT

    I'll take the braided clutch line.
  3. Well hell I tried - Interior chrome delete

    I despise chrome as well. Getting rid of it all is definitely on my list. I'm going to go with brushed titanium though to match the dash trim I had done a few years ago.
  4. Halfshaft pilot bearing depth?

    Good morning everyone. I'm in the process of rebuilding my diff and foolishly assumed the halfshaft bearings were seated in the housing. So I pulled them out without measuring the depth. Does anyone happen to have their axles out and the ability to measure the depth of the bearings? Or better...
  5. Texas 8in Sync 3 conversion

    Does this include everything needed for the swap?
  6. Pennsylvania WTB: 2018+ PP2 Spoiler

    Yeah. I didn't feel like finding a pic when Google is out there for everyone's use lol
  7. Pennsylvania WTB: 2018+ PP2 Spoiler

    But I'm looking for a PP2 spoiler. Not PP1.
  8. Pennsylvania WTB: 2018+ PP2 Spoiler

    I searched the part number on the FRPP site and looked in the spoiler section and it's not in there. Just the front splitter.
  9. Seat cover availability

    Hey all, I'm in the market for a replacement lower seat skin for the drivers seat of my 2015 premium in ebony with the silver stitching. I've been trying to replace this skin for about 3 years now and it's unavailable from Ford with no availability date in site. Anyone have a lead on these? I...
  10. Pennsylvania WTB: 2018+ PP2 Spoiler

    Anyone out there with a PP2 car looking to unload their spoiler? It's the only spoiler I'll put on my spoiler delete car but $1200 from Ford is a bit steep.
  11. California 2018+ Procharger P1X H.O. kit

    How much would shipping be to 17603?
  12. Barton Hybrid-3 shifter

    Is this still available?
  13. 3.5 inch DSS Driveshaft

    Apparently he's not..... lol
  14. 2018+ intake MMR IMRC lockouts

    Yeah. Some people just use zip ties to hold the intake runners in the fully open position. I prefer a more solid approach.
  15. 2018+ intake MMR IMRC lockouts

    PM sent