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  1. 2020 GT350R Heritage Build Thread (Heavy Build)

    I wholeheartedly agree. AJ's stuff has data to back it up and is used on many cars, including my own. I have also seen issues with AR stuff, both fitment and it's ability to stand up to harsh conditions. AJ is also quite quick to respond and can customize things to meet class rules if that's a...
  2. David Figs - My Journey || 2017 Avalanche Gray GT350R Build Thread

    First off, great job on color choice. Second, see if your dealer is a participating member of Ford's pickup and delivery service. They'll come to you and then drop your car back off when it is done so you don't have to drive it. That would be better than taking the risk of driving it with the...
  3. GTD Wing - Who'll Be First?

    As others mentioned, it would. It's something you would need to tune across the car. Here's a great video on that:
  4. GTD Wing - Who'll Be First?

    I honestly don't have any hopes or dreams associated with it. I already have my wing, I'm just curious to see the data come out of it. I just love seeing stuff for this platform.
  5. GTD Wing - Who'll Be First?

    That's what makes this so interesting too, we will likely see the exact gains the mounts provide. Given the length of the mounts, in theory, you're creating more leverage. My thoughts are that you could achieve the same level of downforce as a traditional design, but use a lower drag wing since...
  6. GTD Wing - Who'll Be First?

    I like that AJ is going to be working on one. He'll back his stuff up with data, unlike some of the other options on the market. Terry absolutely knows what he's doing too. Looking forward to seeing both these projects move forward.
  7. GTD Wing - Who'll Be First?

    If I wasn't already chassis mounting a wing, this is something I would be also be pursuing. It's important to use data-driven designs and designs proven to work (think AJ Hartman, APR/FP, 9LivesRacing, Klaus/BimmerWorld) which is why I appreciate this question being asked. Reproducing this wing...
  8. Buying a GT350 or 24'GT-DH

    What's life without a little risk, right? There shouldn't be any issue without any track driving. Even occasional track time should be fine.
  9. Buying a GT350 or 24'GT-DH

    Yes. I blew my motor in spectacular fashion. You can see that thread here: https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/motor-gave-up-but-i-didnt.183761/
  10. Mach 1 Track Attack Car Configuration

    I also used a Schroth 4-point and it did a great job with the OEM seats while it was legal in my class. Used correctly, it absolutely kept me in place better than the 3-point while driving. I don't like 3-point belts on track because I'm being tossed around and having to brace myself. For any...
  11. Mach 1 Track Attack Car Configuration

    Bracketry will work to mount the lap belts but I'm almost certain the 5/6 point isn't going to work with that seat.
  12. Mach 1 Track Attack Car Configuration

    Yes, but the Schroth latch is a tight fight down there. I would tighten your lap belt down almost uncomfortably tight before tightening your shoulder straps if that is happening. You can also buy the sub strab to convert to a 5/6 point from Schroth. That would be my recommendation as it is far...
  13. Mach 1 Track Attack Car Configuration

    Exactly this. NASA SoCal does not want 4-points in anymore and will not allow you to pass tech if that's your only belt. OEM belt or 5/6 point. Better to have the extra safety.
  14. Mach 1 Track Attack Car Configuration

    For reference: Roll bar: https://shop.watsonracing.com/S550-MUSTANG-4-PT-BOLT-IN-ROLL-CAGE-2015-CURRENT-p/wr-15-boltincage.htm Harness mount: https://shop.watsonracing.com/HARNESS-LAP-BELT-MOUNT-p/wr-harnessmnt.htm Harness: Seems it may fall under their custom line. I'd recommend a 5 or 6...
  15. Mach 1 Track Attack Car Configuration

    It's a Watson roll bar and a Safecraft harness with Ford Performance branding. Watson also sells a roll bar harness attachment kit for the lap belts. The shoulder belts attach to the roll bar. Edit: Hit submit too quick.
  16. 2020 Mustang GT Automatic overheated at track

    @Flyhalf is probably the best to speak to about 10 speed cooling. I know he's doing some pretty sweet stuff with that thing.
  17. Buying a GT350 or 24'GT-DH

    Tons. Any given day there are 15-20 Coyote-based cars with 5-7 of them being Voodoos. All of the Voodoos except one has had two motors. One has had three and another is on their third trans. I've seen two gen 1 Coyotes and a gen 2 Coyote let go in that time.
  18. Buying a GT350 or 24'GT-DH

    I should clarify that I've seen more gen 2s let go IN PERSON than gen 1s. I do not think gen 2s have more failures overall, I just don't think we'll see any actual data to support that the changes Ford made did or did not do anything. There are also more gen 2s at the track where I am than gen...
  19. Buying a GT350 or 24'GT-DH

    Snagged a built RPG motor that I plan to convert to cross plane when I refresh it. Right now the goal is just to get it back up and running.
  20. Buying a GT350 or 24'GT-DH

    My take would be the DH from a reliability standpoint, especially if it will be tracked. I don't believe we'll ever see any real data regarding the gen 2 Voodoo being any more reliable. I've personally seen more of them let go than gen 1 engines. I also lost my gen 1 engine, not under warranty...