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  1. Mustang GT vs ... (Post whatever you've raced and how it went)

    Well guys, I done messed up. A few months ago I traded in my '18 GT with 10 speed auto for a '20 Tesla Model 3 Performance. First of all, there is no replacement for a rumbling v8 with a Borla catback setup. Alarming pedestrians and setting off car alarms is fond memory. Secondly, the M3P only...
  2. Suctioning noise when reving

    Check for exhaust leaks, but otherwise it might just be your intake.
  3. Premium vs Base Coupe

    Haha as much as you'd like to imagine those who have the premium option are being blinded at night by their gigantic displays...the screen switches to a dark mode based on ambient light. It's an option in the display settings. I mean it doesn't matter though, since you have a fleet of vehicles...
  4. Need help! Messed up my active exhaust tips

    Duct tape and bondo. I'm half kidding. Ask the shop for their suggestion since you're their customer.
  5. Strange noise

    Yea it's the grill shutters. Or your ride could be a decepticon.
  6. Normal 10 speed automatic behavior (quirks)?

    I noticed the transmission was rough until the dealer did some type of update. Shifting from R to D would cause the car to jerk. When I described this to the service manager, he said "I like that because it lets me know I'm driving a powerful car". After the update, going from R to D is smooth...
  7. The 500 broke!?

    I read this thread and I'm counting down til noon now. Smh haha good luck
  8. Mildew smell

    With humidity germs will grow in moist areas. It can happen in all cars. You can remove the cabin air filter and spray some disinfectant into the intake vents (near the wipers) while the air is on full blast. Run it for a while til the disinfectant smell dissipates a bit. Scotty Kilmer has a...
  9. Mustang wheels misalignment left and right

    Seems like it can be aligned properly. Most people ask fitment questions by just posting the wheel specs. What was the temperature? Tire pressure? Pollen count? :)
  10. Texas 20in Wheels with New Michelin PS4S Tires

    Bump bump 1700
  11. Texas 20in Wheels with New Michelin PS4S Tires

    Bump bump $1750
  12. Texas 20in Wheels with New Michelin PS4S Tires

    Bump bump $1800
  13. Dash cam or mobile phone?

    You only have to set up a dash cam once and it'll free up your phone if you use it for navigation etc.
  14. Oil Drain valves.

    Hm any suggestions for an alternative to the Ronin one? For 2018+
  15. 2020 Carroll Shelby Signature Mustang

    Looks pretty cool. But it's 30k more than a fully loaded GT500. :eek:
  16. Texas 20in Wheels with New Michelin PS4S Tires

    Bump! Price drop 1900