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  1. When to prefer aftermarket vs OEM parts?

    Since the S550 has a vast lineup of trims, there are a few different OEM options when replacing a part and that is cool. I typically like getting OEM parts, mostly because they were designed by the same engineers that built the car, so I suspect they would know better. Recently I got a good...
  2. Mustang S550 2015-2023 Seats Leather OEM Upgrade

    Did the same a while ago. Best mod ever.
  3. Install Mustang Active Exhaust on 2015+ (Wireless - Plug and Play)

    Thanks for sharing. I would love to do something like this. Could you please add more detailed information about how to did the install with steps?
  4. PP Strut Tower Brace kit + Cowl Extension + Lower K Brace Install Guide

    Thank you. Fantastic write up. Installed it all with the strut tower brace (without spacers, but with a custom wider piece of metal as a spacer) and it fits perfectly on a 2015 V6 The cowl extension actually gives a bit more precious hight needed for the strut bar brace.
  5. Air vent for fog light housing for 2015 base model

    is that an oem part? Do you have a link or a part number for that please ?
  6. Air vent for fog light housing for 2015 base model

    Was wondering if there are air vents for the solid plastic on the fog light housing? Wanted to put air vents so it can look better and I think it will also add more air flow to the chassis (I may be wrong on increased air flow) Please share any insight on this and if you know where can I...
  7. New fuel pump - Fuel Gauge not detecting full tank

    Interesting. Thank you so much, will have a look into this.
  8. New fuel pump - Fuel Gauge not detecting full tank

    Replace my fuel pump and filled it up twice, but the gauge seems to not detect full tank. I feel that I missed something, what could I do to try to fix that?
  9. 2018 Active Exhaust Install Guide

    Thanks. Depending on what it takes to install I would consider it. Do you have a link handy that shows how to do that?
  10. 2018 Active Exhaust Install Guide

    Could the active exhaust be controlled via the new 2018+ digital cluster instead of a hardware switch on a 2015 V6?
  11. What are the OEM Component differences amongst all models

    Beautiful car. Typo on ORM cosmetics, I meant OEM cosmetics, like pleather covered side panel on center console or pleathered center console. About more performance, yes, I meant more power/HP
  12. What are the OEM Component differences amongst all models

    Thank you , will reach out to you for advice. I am interested in improving handling, reliability and all OEM cosmetic/appearance updates. Anything around performance, I am not really interested in because I feel I have already enough power for my driving style. Like I do want to install one...
  13. What are the OEM Component differences amongst all models

    I am planning to consider modding my V6 with candidate components that Ford has put on all its models. Like for example, I installed the strut tower brace and to my surprise, I noticed improvement on the handling. Next I am planning to install the lower K brace. To install other components, I...
  14. Adding OEM active exhaust with OEM digital cluster

    I have installed the OEM digital cluster and was wondering is it possible to add a quad tip OEM exhaust and also have active exhaust enabled in the cluster to manage it? if yes, any ideas or references please on how can I install it?
  15. Mustang GT350 Original Brake pads

    I changed my original brake pads at 105K miles
  16. Tow hook

    Z1. Was super easy to install
  17. Opinion on Mach1 Wheels

    You’re right. Thanks for pointing that out. I still like the wheels
  18. Opinion on Mach1 Wheels

    Thanks. If I understand correctly cj pony parts has the wheel,tire and tire sensor package at $1350 , isn’t that a good price...