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  1. ...Do I have a Premium Bumper?

    As far as I know the v6 didn't come with a premium rear bumpers. Yours might be an exception if came from factory. I have the same package car as yours (with rear parking sensors) and my rear bumper is a single piece one color.
  2. Sparkles in windshield

    I have this same issue and was searching for solutions. Here are a couple photo with the effect: These photos were taken after clay barring the windshield...They kinda resemble like dust speck in the sun. I was under the impression that they maybe pitting from driving on highway. However, after...
  3. M-3075-F - Will the PP control arms fit a V6?

    What I did was, I put the jack with a piece of wood right underneath the rotor(make sure not to bend the shield) and started jacking up until the weight of the car was off the jack stand(the jack stand was roughly 1/8" away from jacking rail) and then I torqued the bolts. I don't recommend doing...
  4. Change differential 3.15 on 3.55.

    I destroyed my stock 3.15 gear and for the change I went with the FP 3.55 unit. In terms of 0-60 times I haven't seen any improvement at all, however the car feels that it pulls harder than before and it feels that it gets into powerband a bit faster but statistically it may improve ~0.1 sec...
  5. Oem 18" rims

    I wouldn't go over what Mike suggested. 255 is over recommended width. Max recommended for 8" wide wheel is 245.
  6. Oem 18" rims

    Type more
  7. M-3075-F - Will the PP control arms fit a V6?

    OK for any future seekers of this answer, I can confirm that these arms do fit the V6 Mustangs(Installed mine yesterday) No problem. Just make sure to torque down the subframe side bushings while the suspension is at ride height, otherwise you'll be putting strain and tension on the bushings.
  8. Which one? BMR CB005 or BMR CB762?

    They are kinda complimentary to one another. One limits the main IRS mounting bushing deflection while the other creates external bracing of the cradle to the chassis. Personally I went with CB010 and the CB762. IMO the bracket that the CB005 has that the CB010 doesn't is not necessary or in...
  9. M-3075-F - Will the PP control arms fit a V6?

    Hey Falk, I know it's been quite some time but Did you end up buying this kit for your V6? If so, how was the fit and how did they affect the ride quality?
  10. 6R80 Reset or Disable Adaptive Transmission Tables

    Just an update on this, I have a 2016 V6 with the 6R80. This procedure works, and I used the same steps of Clear, Halt and then stop the adaptive learning. This change made me to like my car again...I was really frustrated with the transmission as it was very unpredictable and weird shifting...
  11. 6R80 Reset or Disable Adaptive Transmission Tables

    I absolutely hate the adaptive transmission learning feature of my car. Every 6-9 months I have to reset KAM from my tuner because my transmission starts misbehaving. Clunking, sometimes it lags 3-4 seconds when I floor the gas trying to change lane. I will have to check to see if I have the...
  12. AutoMafiaRacing Tuning

    That's great, glad it worked out for you. Unfortunately I didn't have good luck with even Costco's fuel, as a matter of fact my local Costco's fuel was worse than my local Shell(I got less knock with Shell fuel). I should check mine as well to make sure there's nothing loose in my engine...
  13. AutoMafiaRacing Tuning

    I used to run on tunes as well, and I used to have the knock sensor readings of up to 8 degrees. I think Cali's gas are not true to spec in comparison to other states, or in other words the tunes are too aggressive for the crappy fuel that we have here in Cali. Now I'm back to stock tune, I just...
  14. California Want to buy stock 4" base radio for 2015-16 mustang

    I have a set laying around after converting mine to 8". I have the ACM, FCIM the 4" screen and the Sync module. Send me a DM if you're still interested. I'm in Socal.
  15. Is it just me or is this a steal? 2020R 16K mile for 66K- shows clean title 1 owner

    Relative to a year ago yes, but It's not so much of a steal right now. The car prices are taking a dive these days.
  16. Question About Performance of GT Exhaust on 3.7 (2.5" vs 2.25")

    I think there are couple of reasons that I think Borla is sticking with 2.25" pipe. 1- main reason, when you increase the pipe diameter you introduce drone. I have the stock GT exhaust and the tone marginally creeped into being droning territories...not bad though 2- the 2.25" pipe diameter is...
  17. BMR subframe alignment kit

    Short answer, Buy Steeda's subframe alignment kit. I bought the BMRs and had the same issue that you're having. Instead of wrestling with them I just bought the Steeda's version, they are made out of hard material unlike BMRs but dimensionally they are spot on and there's no need to wrestle with...
  18. Suspect a leaky shock absorber

    From what I see, your steering wheel's red stripe is not in the correct dead center. Your steering wheel might be slightly off but not as much as the red stripe is. Take some measurements and see if that's the case
  19. Class Action Lawsuit for known A/C Evaporator failures on 2015 and 16 models

    I had the same issue happened to me at 18k miles and out of warranty(year 4). I had to repair it myself since the dealership misdiagnosed the AC system saying that the compressor is faulty and wanted to charge $1700 for replacing the compressor and not the evap core. So I took it to another...