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  1. Fathouse Performance Increases Prices

    High end performance shops aren’t organized around providing the best balance of $$/ value to typical enthusiasts. These shops develop packages that go on a customers 4th or 5th car, which is a very nice car to start with. This customer is very picky about the build quality, and wants the car to...
  2. Realistic weight reduction

    You’ve hit all the main things. Beyond that, every bit of weight reduction starts to skyrocket in price and compromise streetability.
  3. Grassroots Motorsports' Ultimate Track Car Challenge

    NCM is my local track. I’ll definitely be there.
  4. 2 post lifts

    Safety is critical with a 2 post lift. This is not an area to fudge with manufacturers instructions.
  5. Am I crazy? Considering selling my Heritage for a FP350S

    I just checked, that’s my car. It’s not quite a 350S yet!
  6. Am I crazy? Considering selling my Heritage for a FP350S

    Earlier this year I bought a very well sorted/ upgraded Boss 302S for $65k. It also included lots of spares, 4 sets of wheels, etc. The 302S is one generation before the 350S. For reference, I also have a highly upgraded 350R that’s a dedicated track car and a Porsche 944/ LS3 dedicated track...
  7. Obsolescence to Obsession – Tales of the Rented Mule (FPRS GT350 Track Attack #14)

    While you’re tinkering with airflow around the coolers, think about this. When air enters the front bumper on either side, it ballon’s into a big cavity that just happens to have an oil cooler in it. There’s no direction, sealing, etc. You can take some sheet metal (painted black in my picture)...
  8. Obsolescence to Obsession – Tales of the Rented Mule (FPRS GT350 Track Attack #14)

    While your fender liners are out, you can use a Dremel to open up the rows of slots behind the coolers that evacuate the air. You can double their size and still retain the overall shape/ structure of them. My thought when doing this is it allows better evacuation of the hot air from the...
  9. Obsolescence to Obsession – Tales of the Rented Mule (FPRS GT350 Track Attack #14)

    I’m doing the same tow hook install on my R right now, replacing the awkward hook from an add-on company. Your Dremel job in the grille looks awesome!
  10. Anderson Composites GT500 CFTP Wing Showed Up..

    Yes, that's what I intended by "solid" (poor word choice on my part). It's a solid core made of foam. Not hollow like the Anderson piece.
  11. Anderson Composites GT500 CFTP Wing Showed Up..

    For reference, here’s a pic of the solid core of an AJ Hartman wing. The bolt heads are for the end plates.
  12. CFTP Wing

    Earlier this year I purchased a complete aero package from AJ Hartman for the R. He built it to maximize the allowances for the ruleset I needed. It took ~12 weeks for him to build, and he emailed production updates along the way (very good communication). I knew the exact timeline and status of...
  13. A couple of brake related questions

    Make sure to swap the pads from inside/outside of the caliper every few track days. The pads on the inside of the caliper wear the fastest.
  14. Teardown and rebuild Thread: Converting GT350 race motor to CPC

    HB, Are you at the point on this build of dialing it in to a specific racing class... Power to weight TT (NASA), limited rule set/ mods TT (SCCA), etc? You’ve invested a lot so far, now will this engine build push you in a specific race class direction?
  15. Trailer advice

    Long race ramps and an electric tongue jack. Lifting the tongue high for loading/unloading greatly reduces the approach angle at the back of the trailer.
  16. I enjoy driving my GT350 (already spent $350K racing a Mustang)

    This is 018. It raced the 25 hours of Thunderhill and has a NASA ST2 regional championship in it's history. Very nicely kept, lots of updates from the original configuration, and came with plenty of spares.
  17. I enjoy driving my GT350 (already spent $350K racing a Mustang)

    I bought a Boss 302S recently for wheel to wheel racing, and use the 350R for TT and casual/ fun track days only now. The difference between a factory built race car and converted street car are enormous. Serviceability, lack of clutter, simplicity etc. Looking back, I probably would’ve left...
  18. Prices are on the rise......

    Can a creative accountant do a 1031 exchange on a car? Or maybe long term capital gains if held more than a year.
  19. Prices are on the rise......

    I can’t believe the value of the base model R’s haven’t spiked. The HEP models definitely look cool, but the base R’s have tangible differences that can never be replicated again in a new car.