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  1. Metallic rattle

    I wanted to share this. Developed a rattle that I believed would be the notorious plate between the engine and trans. I put my car up in the lift today started it up and crawled underneath. The plate area was very solid and not making the noise. Turned out to be a vibration dampener had...
  2. Rocker panel rattle

    I have had several of my right side rocker push pins work loose causing a rattle at cruise. First discovered this when I had it up in the air to change the oil. It has happened again and one push pin is actually missing. Has anyone else had this happen on either side?
  3. Soler Engineering Throttle body

    Sorry guys but I put this up on the page dedicated to this before I realized it's over on the S550 side. For any who may not know Soler offered to give throttle bodies to 4 testers in exchange for impressions, feedback and experiences. So I'd like to share that here as well since it directly...
  4. Shift lights

    I usually do not use the shift lights but tried them out today only to discover that only the normal left to right mode is working, the other two modes are currently not working. Has anyone had a similar glitch?
  5. Anyone have info on the wattage output of the factory Shaker 9 speaker amplifier?

    I’m interested to know what the amps output is in watts per channel. Have not had any luck finding out so far.
  6. Ronin Oil Drain Plug

    Has anybody seen or had any experience with these? https://roninfactory.com/collections/ford/products/ford-f150-raptor-oil-drain-ronin-factory
  7. Stereo/Sync 3 glitch

    I am over 18 months and 9000 miles into it and this is the first oddity with electronics. All was functioning fine when I drove to work this morning but when I got in to leave work nothing was functioning correctly. No volume readout, unable to switch between screens and unable to turn system...
  8. Text volume

    Does anyone know what may have caused text message audio to reduce in volume? Worked fine at one point but recently they play back at a level low enough to be difficult to hear.
  9. Amplifier power

    Does anyone know the output of the factory amp in the 9 speaker Shaker system?
  10. Text’s not displaying

    This just started happening recently where texts will not show when received on my phone while it is connected. I get an error message telling me to allow Sync to access texts but unable to find anything in the iPhone settings that lets me do this. Tried deleting and re-syncing the phone and...
  11. BC Forged RT50 GT 350 Fitment

    https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/bc-forged-rt50’s-19x10-5-and-19x11.106532/BC BC Forged Wheels for sale. GT 350 sizing and offset.
  12. 2019 GT350 Stereo Retrofit

    Looking at what Ford is doing to update/upgrade to at least the GT350 for 2019 my interest is changing the head unit to a 2019 version with HD Radio. I know there is at least one aftermarket solution but want to go OEM and hopefully not worry about a non stock programmer to get it working...
  13. Air Con Gremlin

    Had my steering wheel off to make some modifications so battery was disconnected. Air conditioning had been acting odd by running any time the fan was on whether or not A/C switch was on/off. With so much of these modern cars run by electronics that disconnecting the battery and reconnecting...
  14. 2018 steering wheel audio and mode switches in a 2017

    I never liked the audio controls on the right spoke. When Ford changed the configuration I hoped I could make this work in my 2017 Shelby. I did have to extend three wires to allow the plugs for the respective modules to reach the opposite sude of the wheel and make slight alterations to each...
  15. BC Forged Wheels

    Please see link to ad in wheels and tires. https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/showthread.php?p=2294852#post2294852
  16. SOLD-BC Forged RT50’s- 19x10.5 and 19x11

    Up for sale two BC Forged RT50,19x10.5 et 30 with 295-35/19 Michelin Pilot Super Sports and two BC Forged RT50 19x11 et 60 with 305-35/19 Michelin Pilot Super Sports. Wheels are in like new excellent condition without any curb rash or damage. Tires have 5xxx miles on them without any track...
  17. Any recommendations for a good and trustworthy mechanic/shop on the SF Peninsula?

    Anyone in the area got a place or person that they trust?
  18. New Shoes

    Got my new wheels on the car yesterday. Very pleased with the look. Thanks Paul for all your help and information.
  19. Center channel speaker

    Like many have said before, the center speaker ruins the stereo imaging and soundstage. Simply disconnecting the speaker was not an acceptable solution due to the voice for nav coming mainly from it. My solution was to clip the ground wire, add an inline switch that allows me to switch it on...
  20. Warm air coming from vents at all times.

    With just the fan running and set to Lo the vents still blow lukewarm air. Anybody experiencing this? I contacted my selling dealer and they told me another customer with an F150 has same condition. They suggested to cycle fan off and back on. In my case it does nothing. Usually either open...