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  1. 2022+ 4 piston brake rotors on 2015-2021?

    Good to know. Thanks!
  2. 2022+ 4 piston brake rotors on 2015-2021?

    from what ive read the 4 piston (non-PP GT, PP ecoboost) front disc brakes on the 2022 the design was changed to have inward air cooling (same as GT PP rotors) as opposed to outward on the prior years has anybody tried using these rotors on the 2015-2021? i assume its the same diameter and what...
  3. P0456 Small evap leak typically happens when tank about half full

    ever get this fixed? ive tried cleaning the gas inlet and replaced the purge valve still have the issue.
  4. Brake squeal after new pads and rotors

    kinda late response but i had the same issue with powerstop z26 even after following the break in procedure. finally took the car to the tail of the dragon and after some heavy braking it stopped doing it. havent heard a squeak from the brakes since the trip and this was back in May. the rotors...
  5. '15 GT tail light issue

    so i have the taillight issue that plagues these cars where sometimes 1 of the strips does not want to work when turning the blinkers until i restart the car. option 1 to fix is pay $100 some odds to the dealer to refresh the BCMB this supposedly has worked for some and not for others. option...
  6. Normal operating temps? Exp guys please help

    normal operating temps are 185-220F at the cylinder head (usually 10* hotter than actual coolant temp). it can reach 225-230F if youre pushing it, once u get to 230+ thats when it may start overheating. check the analog gauge at that point. if the exhaust is smoking white and...
  7. check engine light P0456

    '15 GT 6sp, mods are tune and airraid CAI, around 42k miles. so am getting code P0456 off the scanner, evap small leak, i have replaced the purge valve on the intake manifold and still the same code. anybody else having this issue? should i trace the lines see if i can find a leak which i...
  8. Corsa Xtreme with Catless Headers too Loud

    add a resonated x pipe. magnaflow makes 1(which is 2.5" in/ou) but i believe there is another company that makes a 3" in/out resonated xpipe.
  9. 17 gt pp missfire

    yeah the IMRC(intake manifold butterflies) being stuck could also be the issue since its all in 1 side.
  10. Anyone else having a long wait from PBD?

    am not boosted but ive had no issues getting a response from PBD for my tune revisions. usually i get'em next day because i can only log after work(after 5pm) but during the day if i have questions its usually pretty fast response. even after getting a E85 tune its usually pretty fast. hopefully...
  11. 17 gt pp missfire

    could be a cracked intake manifold.
  12. Engine oil

    if you're having big puffs of blueish smoke it could be your piston ringlands. i would suggest at least doing a compression test.
  13. Do I need a trickle charger while flashing tune?

    ive flashed mine at least 8 times (tune revisions and me messing around) with a sct bdx and no battery tender. ive even done it after a cold night. i did turn off the radio and also had the door closed at all times during flashing. just gotta make sure that your battery has good juice.
  14. Massive Engine Knock on All Startups

    is the engine idling funny or otherwise running poorly?
  15. Install PP Gauges on Non-PP Model - Recap

    i got mine installed, i do also have a tune and PBD enabled the oil pressure sensor on the tune. 2015 GT base non-PP. but now am curious if mine also already had the wires for it or not, i ended up splicing in the ford cables into the APIM connector( which was a hard to do cause the canbus wires...
  16. Rock problems.

    clear bra for the most rockchip prone areas. mudflaps might help.
  17. first time at strip for years, tips and advice welcome!

    learn how to slip the clutch without burning it, kind of like how you roll off a stop light but higher rpm. if you feel any wheel hop(if you don't have the bmr cb005 or steeda equivalent) don't keep going, let off.
  18. HOW TO: Swap PP gauges into standard model

    I have a base 15 GT non-PP, i've acquired a set of PP gauges(oil pressure & vac), the dash panel, and i have a tune with the oil pressure gauge turned on. I should just need to get that pigtail, wire it up, cut up the vents and thats it? or is there something else am missing.?
  19. Oil change frequency

    the many oil change threads. eitherway i change mine about every 5-6k miles or twice a year, whichever comes first.use the motorcraft oil filter and pennzoil ultra plat 5w-20
  20. M6G GIVEAWAY: J&M Products Rear Shock Mounts

    wouldn't mind trying some of these.