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  1. Procharger Snatching Souls.

  2. Procharger Stg 2 kit…throws DOWN @TX2K!!! Hello 7’s

    I set out with one goal going into TX2K and that was to make the Elite 16. Ended up qualifying #12 out of the roughly 125 entires in the street car class. Keep in mind this is a true street car with radio, heat, A/C, power steering, etc… weighing in at close to #3800. The Procharger F1a-94 made...
  3. Procharger D1x

    Gauging interest in selling my Procharger D1x head unit. I also have a stg 2 intercooler, MAK Hurricane intake, blower guard w/custom heat shield, and several other parts as well. Let me know if your looking for any upgrades.
  4. Texas WTB Procharger F1a-94 head unit.

    I Would like to buy a F1a-94 head unit or trade for my D1x. Let me know what you have.
  5. New Procharger Record

    2018 Mustang Procharger D1x stg 2 with a 3.9 pulley. Circle D converter with trans clutch package. Fore triple pump with ID 1050x injectors on e85. 2M long tubes with Corsa sport exhaust. Full Steeda suspension and expert tuning by Rob Shoemaker at PBD. It’s a pretty simple setup but it really...
  6. Texas WTB recaros.

    WTB cloth Recaros out of and 18-19 mustang. Preferably in DFW Texas but not a must.
  7. Centi blow off valve.

    I am running a Procharger D1x and need to upgrade the proflow valve to a larger unit. What would be your recommendation/experience and why? Thinking about a Tial Q50 or the big red valve but open to suggestions.
  8. Steeda drag setup help

    2018 A10 GT with a stage 2 Procharger D1x. I have a full Steeda drag set up - stop the hop kit, all the bushing inserts, vertical links, drag sway bar, drag springs, and adjustable Proaction shocks and struts. I am running Mickey Thompson 305/45/17 ss drag radials on a Forgestar 9 1/2” wheel...
  9. Procharger Questions

    I have a 2018 Mustang GT A10 base car. Procharger d1x stg 2, MAK Hurricane pipe, ID 1050x inj, vortech BAP, DW400 pump, 170 t-stat, 1 range colder brisk plugs gapped at .025, and the standard pro-flow valve. Running e85 1). I am having an intermittent idle problem. Some times it idles...
  10. WTB factory spare wheel

    I am looking to buy a factory spare wheel/tire for an S550. Located in Mansfield, Tx 76063. Let me know what you have and a price.