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  1. How to drain the tank on a '19 GT?

    Hey There, This item is commonly used and may be a solution you are looking for: https://www.lethalperformance.com/vmp-act000-2011-2019-mustang-gt-gt350-fuel-pump-drain-jumper-harness.html :)
  2. New York WTB Steeda transmission mount insert 555-4037

    We have one more in stock ready to ship tomorrow if you end up wanting to go new, feel free to send me a PM if i can help.
  3. half shafts

    Factory half shafts and their strength is all determined by the use of the vehicle. We snapped ours on the first pass ever made on a prepped track back on our completely stock auto 18 car.. I usually recommend if you drive the car hard or do any racing whatsoever whether its an auto/manual its...
  4. RockAuto FL2087 oil filter

    Interesting, thanks for the heads up. Ill have someone look into this and see if we can get it corrected asap.
  5. RockAuto FL2087 oil filter

    I updated pricing on this product. When it was brought up in this thread about the discrepancy on the difference in pricing between our website and others i verified with our supplier what the current pricing is. It could have changed due to more availability of the product now compared to before.
  6. RockAuto FL2087 oil filter

    We have plenty of filters in stock as well if anyone needs another source to purchase them from! https://www.lethalperformance.com/ford-motorcraft-cartridge-oil-filter-2019-2021-mustang-gt350-gt500-fl2087.html
  7. North Carolina what to buy corsa H pipe

    send me a message :sunglasses:
  8. Florida WTB 15-17 GT USED Corsa Xtreme Cat Back

    We currently have all these options in stock ready to go: https://www.lethalperformance.com/corsa-2015-mustang-gt-3-xtreme-cat-back-exhaust-black-4-5-tips.html...
  9. Florida WTB 15-17 GT USED Corsa Xtreme Cat Back

    Single tip or quad? Any specific tip finish?
  10. Any of the 800whp plus members have used M&H drag radials.

    What type of use for the car? Street, track, mix of both? This will help narrow down the best all around options.
  11. Painted Carbon Vented Fenders on GT500

    Fenders look awesome, i prefer paint matched carbon pieces myself. :handsinair:
  12. Discount Code For Members? With Whom?

    Hey Doug, I would be glad to help out with anything you may be looking for. We have specific discounts set up for Mustang6G members. Send me a message with what you are looking for and we can go over all the pricing/details. Im looking forward to hearing from you. www.lethalperformance.com
  13. Just got ceramic coated!

    Looks great! definitely a smart investment to protect your ride!
  14. Sales, sells, sails! Here, at Lethal Performances Black Friday Bonanza!

    Send me a message with the part number you are interested in, ill see what i can do!
  15. Diego's 2021 GT500 (CFTP)

    You have one hell of a vehicle list there. Congrats on the new ride! What is the favorite car you have owned so far?
  16. (12/14 UPDATE!!) Is it totaled??

    I would say it is totaled, good luck hopefully everything works out for you and you can get into a newer mustang!

    Get some of the best pulleys on the market while saving some of your hard earned cash!

    Get some of the best pulleys on the market while saving some of your hard earned cash!
  19. Lethal Performances' Black Friday Bonanza continues!!

    There's something for everyone! Tons of items on sale with more being added! If you don't see what you are looking for feel free to reach out anytime!