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  1. How Often Do You Wash Your Car?

    According to my neighbour nearly everyday. :)

    Won’t buy unless they put more holes in the fenders. :)
  3. Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Pro Max Wax

    I use it and the spray version on my car and think it’s really good. I can’t speak to how long it lasts as my car rarely sees rain and is garaged when not in use these days. But it is really slick and I find the the Graphene doesn’t leave huge water beads after a rain that can leave spots when...
  4. What’s your Ford dealership charging for an oil change?

    About $135 Canadian this time last year. Going in this month for another will see what if any changes in cost have occurred. I have no problem with that cost for what I drive the car has been really cheap to maintain thus far 5 years in.
  5. Dealership Service Center Irresponsive, Recourse?

    This- I'm surprised Ford would pay for a complete internal rebuild using only the external casting and not just provide a new trans. I can't imagine they are saving money doing it the way they are.
  6. When Should I Change My Oil

    I basically do mine once per year as I put on maybe 4000 miles or so each year. I try to get it close to the end of season before parking but this year it didn't work out so I just parked it as is. Car only sat unused for 2 months so it wasn't long enough to matter anyways.
  7. 2018+ 10R80 (A10) - most recent TSB’s in here

    Did they change any parts out or just update the software?
  8. Would you buy a tuned car?

    They will be posting on here for help with it soon enough no doubt. :)
  9. Would you buy a tuned car?

    Not me too many horror stories on this forum of cars bought used with tunes and even worse hack job hardware changes.
  10. Learned something - Oil Pressure Priming

    Oh no I've been starting my car for nearly 5 years without doing this. :)
  11. Tuned GT Question

    Just a thought but if the dealer hasn’t done anything to flag the warranty yet due to a tune I would just carry on especially with such low miles on the car to start with. To me they can’t prove the car was tuned if they couldn’t connect to verify any parameters including key cycles. And with...
  12. Explosions

    Holy shit!!!!

    Apparently the new Ford Bronco and OJ were “recalled “ on the same day….
  14. Yes females drive mustangs, you need to . . . educate yourself

    My wifes gal friend drives a 21 GT that's white with black accents. Sharp car. Just a tiny blonde lady in a loud car. Pretty cool! We talk Mustangs whenever she visits.
  15. 2018+ 10R80 (A10) - most recent TSB’s in here

    Thx for posting this I had a TSB done last Spring which I think was the previous one that was flashed to my trans. It is better than before but still could be better in my view. Would it be worth it to have this new strategy flashed? I get occasional harsh shifts but never any codes on my...