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  1. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    I read through the other post and no one confirmed the correct part number. Do you happen to remember?
  2. pre filter ??

    No reply? Did you bite the bullet and order one?
  3. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    What’s the proper break in procedure?
  4. Are Nitto NT555G2's really that bad for a stock GT?

    Michelin pilot sport 4S is a superior tire in every way. Slightly more expensive, but it’s marginal when you look at cost/mile and not cost/tire.
  5. Looking to tone down the drone

    no problem, I went with 25” length to target 1800-2200 rpm range(it’s been a while so I might be a little off on rpm range) You could go with 2” j-pipes as they won’t take up as much room as the 2.5”. You also don’t have to use a u bend. It was just the easiest for me to buy it already mandrel bent.
  6. Looking to tone down the drone

    I definitely wouldn’t go that route. You will lose a lot of sound and the drone will still be there. The only real solution to keep the sound is the helmholtz resonator/j-pipe to eliminate the drone. Here are a picture of mine. I have the flow master outlaws and the drone was unbearable. Drone...
  7. 2015 GT PP 1 Brembos Question

    you can do that same test without removing the wheel. But you still need to take the brakes apart and inspect them.
  8. Diode Dynamics vs morimoto led sequential blinker

    Thanks! I just ordered the diode dynamics kit but they are on back order. Hopefully it ships within a couple weeks.
  9. Diode Dynamics vs morimoto led sequential blinker

    Anyone have any suggestions or complaints between the diode dynamics and Morimoto sequential led blinkers? I currently have the opt7 arrow blinkers on my 2016 mustang GT and they have been having issues for years now. The daytime running led don’t work anymore for the drivers side. I was reading...
  10. Nitto NT555RII vs MPS4S

    Thanks for the info!
  11. Nitto NT555RII vs MPS4S

    I was thinking of getting a set of 17s or 18s for the R2s to do them same. But I do like the look of my current set up. I’m honestly not concerned about the longevity. I doubt I will be able to put 7K miles on the car in 2.5 years. And I’m good with buying new tires every other year. Any...
  12. Nitto NT555RII vs MPS4S

    Awesome, I really appreciate the feed back. I also like that the r2 come in a little taller side wall so I’m getting closer to stock wheel height with the 19s
  13. Nitto NT555RII vs MPS4S

    I have no idea, it’s just a power pack 2 tune and exhaust so I would hope near the 2020 stock power levels. I agree with the worn out vs new because the tires I have now are like ice skates. Because I want to make a few couple hour trips through out the year I might be better of with the PS4S.
  14. Nitto NT555RII vs MPS4S

    The R2 being a drag radial do you really think they are that similar in performance? With the tread wear being 100 vs 300 for the MPS4S I was hoping for a tire that just hooks really well.
  15. Nitto NT555RII vs MPS4S

    What are your thoughts on the nitto NT555RII? I have a 2016 mustang GT PP1 with 19” gt350 replica wheels that is just a weekend car. The only performance mods are a cat back exhaust and ford performance power pack 2. I usually drive it twice a month on nice days in south Texas. I currently have...