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  1. Need help with a torque value for bolts

    The weather has finally broken. I was able to finally get my December purchase on the road. When I came back from a 45 minute drive, I opened the hood. I found that the four bolts holding the carbon fiber composite radiator core support were not tightened from the factory. I swear, this car must...
  2. New NHRA rules, good news for GT500 owners

  3. Poll: Alternative Wording for 5 Spurs Engine Start Button

    Because I have a good sense of humor and I am enjoying my new GT500, I thought it might be fun to replace my engine start button with a custom version from 5 Spurs. I am open to suggestions, as well.
  4. PowerStop Z26 Rear Ceramic Brake Pads Are Available

    Heads up: Rock Auto has the PowerStop Z26-2363 ceramic rear brake pads in stock.
  5. Pennsylvania 20” MRR M600 + 285/35/20 Indy 500 tires set

    I just traded in my 2019 Mustang GT PP1 for a 2021 GT 500. My awesome set of satin black 20“ X 10” +35 MRR M600 and 285/35/20 Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 tires (1,500 miles of light use with lots of tread depth remaining) is up for sale. Yes, this is a square setup. I am willing to deliver up to...
  6. Focals have finally arrived!

    They finally arrived!
  7. 3.5” Midrange Harnesses Completed!

    Since I didn’t want to cut the stock harnesses for the 3.5” midrange door speakers and no supplier of a pre-made harness exists, I built the adapting harnesses:
  8. 3.5” midrange speaker harness or Molex/Mouser part numbers?

    I have my doors apart due to a recent interior upgrade. i don’t see a Metra harness part number to replace the built-in female harness on the stock 3.5” speaker adapter. I’ve used the search function on the site to no avail. Has anyone been able to identify a Molex or Mouser part number for the...
  9. 2019 Orange Fury GT with Katzkin seats and accents

    I just had the Katzkin interior installed, along with the new accents. The small amount of Katzkin orange isn’t overwhelming, in my opinion. I really like how the orange Barracuda inserts for the knee pads, center armrest, e-brake boot, and shifter boot turned out.
  10. Xforce Varex catback system feedback wanted

    I am considering an Xforce Varex catback system for my 2019 PP1 GT w/o active exhaust. I am asking for feedback on this system from those who have it. Any feedback, good or bad, is welcome. Thanks in advance.
  11. Xforce Varex catback exhaust system feedback wanted

    I’m considering purchasing an Xforce Varex catback exhaust system for my 2019 PP1 GT w/o active exhaust. I’d like to solicit feedback from owners of this system. Thanks in advance.
  12. S550 Mustang Installation Series by Five Star Car Stereo

    For those interested, Five Star Car Stereo has started to issue their S550 Mustang installation videos. Here’s the first of the two already posted:
  13. Are Bilstein B6 shocks/struts + GT350R springs a good match?

    I installed B6 rear shocks and Steeda billet shock mounts on my ‘19 PP1 to get rid of the dreaded rear bounce. Mission accomplished. Now, I’ve been reading that GT350R springs are about as minimal a drop as they come. Lowering the car is not the priority, but I desire better handling. So, I’ve...
  14. Steeda Front GTPP1 2-Piece Rotors and Brake Pads Installation and Tips

    I will apologize up front as no photos were taken during the installation. I installed the front Steeda 2-piece rotors for my GT PP1 with PowerStop Z26 pads. It’s been about 25 years since I’ve done a set of brakes and rotors and I was rusty (pun intended). I thought that I would walk the...