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  1. GT Base model (ecoboost) brake o ring?

    I'm what you call an idiot. I undid the bolts to the caliper. Now they're splitting on this came out. Any idea on what this is, where it goes to, and how to get it on?
  2. Do OEM brake pads have squealer bars?

    The shop I take my car to has told me to get new brakes. $550 for front pads and rotors. He said I have 2mm left. 6 months later he said I was at 2mm. Another 6 months (today) I'm at 2mm. These are some magical brake pads. He's probably trying to upsale me. I may inspect the pads myself...
  3. Combining 3 Turtle Wax Products

    I used the detergent soap to wax. Carnauba wax. And their spray on Ceramic coating. Everything was done by hand. Washing, waxing, and the Ceramic coat. Here are the results of using the Turtle Wax line up:
  4. Has anyone used Turtle Wax Carnauba?

    I've used different ones and I love California Gold that comes in a black case. I saw Turtle Wax makes one and it's like a mix of jello and tooth paste for texture. What's odd is that they suggest on using a damp cloth which I've not seen before.
  5. Can someone explain VA gov't and Ford to me?

    My 18 month son refused to sleep last night so my wife and I are sleep deprived. I cannot understand this article for the life of me. I'm not trying to be political, I just don't understand the connection between China and Ford and why the VA gov't doesn't want this plant to be in the U.S...
  6. What happened to disliking builds?

    I'm late to to the party, yeah, but I never get an answer why people can't poke fun at some builds? I think a little bit of making fun of people builds character. Only on social media. Facebook, Instagram, whatever. "It's not your car," or "It makes them happy." So what? Yeah, more camber than...
  7. Garage door won't open

    Long story short everything works. Forgot to close it last night and my son sleeps right above it. He's 1 and I didn't want to wake him up. So I pulled the red string to close it. Now it won't open or close. What do I do to get it back on track (pun intended).
  8. Camber arms for new coilovers?

    Long story short, my rear shocks and struts are blown. I may take a peak to confirm what the mechanic said. Regardless, I'm now looking to replace all 4 since the dumbass before me cut the springs. My question is if I need camber arms in the rear so the tires can seat properly to the road? Can...
  9. Bottom out equals oil leak?

    I was going down an incline and bottomed out pretty hard. Did this cause my new oil leak? I'd say head gasket bolt but I tightened that up a few months ago. What should I look for when I lift it?
  10. Storing Whiskey Questions?

    I can explain the flowers guys... So what happened wuz... My wife bought this sofa table from Wayfair so I dom't think it's composite wood. It camr pracitcally built and has some good heft to it. My wife bought a new one so she gave me this to be a bar. Cigars, wine, etc. Well, she moved it...
  11. No covered parking

    Long story short, I was fired a month and a half ago. Old office had covered parking and now I get zero shade at the new place. I'm going to try to car pool as much as I can to save my paint. Also I need to wax my wife's car once a month since we'll be using her car almost everyday; which will...
  12. Shelby wheels for base GT?

    Would Shelby wheels for a base model GT work? I'm thinking about browsing and seeing if anyone is selling their stock wheels. I'm just trying to think of cheap ways to get bigger wheels for racing on the track. If not then I'll just bite the bullet and look at forged wheels. Never bought wheels...
  13. New Battery = Low battery so no AC!

    I got my battery replaced on last Wednesday. Now I am receiving the same message: battery low. system recharging and "low battery, some features may be disabled." I am thinking about disconnecting the battery over night to reset it. I had the car tested to and all the computers read normal, as...
  14. Replace Oil Pan Gasket!

    For those who read my last form about the car smoking, the tech at Firestone said there is a tiny leak in the oil pan. He recommends to change the gasket. His shop doesn't have an engine lift so he cannot do the job. Is there a way I can do this at home? Should I just take it to Ford?
  15. Smoking when parked

    No, I'm not smoking. Something under the hood is. It only happens when stopped and turning on the heat didn't do anything. The AC did but maybe that's coinsidence. After work today I heard some whining but it eventually stopped. All the temp gauges read normal. The computer is telling me to...
  16. How to read the temp gauge?

    For the Gen 2 Mustangs that have an analogue gauge in the cluster, what is it measuring? Water? Coolant? Also, what is the numeric values of the left, middle, and right side? One of my track days it was 3/4s on the right at the end of the session so I blasted the heat on max and it dropped...
  17. Plans if your motor goes out?

    No, I am not trying to say this is an unreliable platform. Things don't last forever so what would your plan be?
  18. Why are track days expensive?

    I mean, yeah I wanna complain but I also wanna know why it's $180/day. I've seen some people pay $300.
  19. Attacking Late Apex Corners

    Obviously not exclusive to just Mustangs so I'll post it here. Late apexes kill me in real life and in racing sims. I find myself woth early turn in which leads to early track out. In some cases with the racing sim, I spin. I have experienced some degree of oversteer in real life, thankfully I...
  20. How tough is Virginia International Raceway?

    I'd use the roadcourse section but perhaps not everyone has used their 6th gen out there; maybe you've been out there on a different car. On a scale of 1 to 10, how tough is this track? I heard from a Ford Tech that a track in AZ is actually ranked master class but I am not sure who does the...