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  1. GT Base model (ecoboost) brake o ring?

    For anyone rebuilding (or idiots like me), here is a diagram from Napa Auto. There's 3 bolts to the caliper of different sizes. There are also boots and o rings that appear to be brake dust sealers. Then of course the brake fluid o rings to the Phenolic pistons. YOU CANNOT USE STEEL AS A...
  2. GT Base model (ecoboost) brake o ring?

    It is not a rebuild. I suspect it is a dust o ring based on what I know and have read online from other brake caliper diagrams. The leaking has stopped since I bolted the caliper back together. It's the bottom dust o ring but I can't find a video or diagram anywhere telling me where it goes...
  3. GT Base model (ecoboost) brake o ring?

    It's soft and rubber like. Definitely a malleable o ring. The caliper is not longer leaking but I did not reinstall this o ring because I don't know where it goes exactly. Do you happen to have a diagram or anything specific to this brake caliper to help me know where to place it? Also, if I...
  4. GT Base model (ecoboost) brake o ring?

    Anyone have a diagram or video to help me out?
  5. GT Base model (ecoboost) brake o ring?

    I'm what you call an idiot. I undid the bolts to the caliper. Now they're splitting on this came out. Any idea on what this is, where it goes to, and how to get it on?
  6. Do OEM brake pads have squealer bars?

    Good advice! I think I'll do pads and rotors. I think my pads are a bit warped as I can feel the wheel shake a bit when braking.
  7. Do OEM brake pads have squealer bars?

    Mine is the base model.
  8. Do OEM brake pads have squealer bars?

    My thoughts exactly. I will inspect them. Thank you sir.
  9. Do OEM brake pads have squealer bars?

    The shop I take my car to has told me to get new brakes. $550 for front pads and rotors. He said I have 2mm left. 6 months later he said I was at 2mm. Another 6 months (today) I'm at 2mm. These are some magical brake pads. He's probably trying to upsale me. I may inspect the pads myself...
  10. 2021 WRX

    WRX have aggressive aero?
  11. 2021 WRX

    It's fun at the lights but in my opinion, the thrill is at the track. Not because big brother is watch... More so because warmed up tires give better accelation and the feeling of rotating these cars by the throttle on tight hairpins is just awesome. My shop stupidly put on 255s on the rears...
  12. Combining 3 Turtle Wax Products

    I used the detergent soap to wax. Carnauba wax. And their spray on Ceramic coating. Everything was done by hand. Washing, waxing, and the Ceramic coat. Here are the results of using the Turtle Wax line up:
  13. Has anyone used Turtle Wax Carnauba?

    What do recomend for someone who daily's their Mustang that has zero covered parking options? It gets to be over 120F where I live.
  14. Has anyone used Turtle Wax Carnauba?

    Thanks for your imput. I really wasn't looking for an argument. The texture of Turtle Wax intrigued me. I'll be on the look out for your recomendation. I am looking for the highest protection I can get so I use a ceramic spray too. My issue is that I'm in Phoenix and I got a new job that has...
  15. Has anyone used Turtle Wax Carnauba?

    I've used different ones and I love California Gold that comes in a black case. I saw Turtle Wax makes one and it's like a mix of jello and tooth paste for texture. What's odd is that they suggest on using a damp cloth which I've not seen before.
  16. Can someone explain VA gov't and Ford to me?

    That is objective and helpful, thank you sir.
  17. Can someone explain VA gov't and Ford to me?

    My 18 month son refused to sleep last night so my wife and I are sleep deprived. I cannot understand this article for the life of me. I'm not trying to be political, I just don't understand the connection between China and Ford and why the VA gov't doesn't want this plant to be in the U.S...
  18. MPG high and low scores?

    Going 75mph on a flat high way, I can get 28 mpg. Generally on surface streets at 55 mph I can get 18 but my best is 20. My worst is like 8 at the track lmao. Not the drag strip mind you, 80 minutes of pure, unadulterated fun.
  19. Bourbon

    Yeah, that one lol. I was gifted it.