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  1. GT350 Owners Supplement and Filter Wrench locater database

    Added mine to the list, G4359
  2. Massachusetts GT350 Parts For Sale - Lund N gauge/CAI/FRPP oil seperators/Lightweight Battery w/ mount

    I decided to just use the antigravity battery. So everything is sold except the Lund N gauge
  3. Massachusetts GT350 Parts For Sale - Lund N gauge/CAI/FRPP oil seperators/Lightweight Battery w/ mount

    Everything still available except the PMAS intake. Im open to offers!
  4. Massachusetts GT350 Parts For Sale - Lund N gauge/CAI/FRPP oil seperators/Lightweight Battery w/ mount

    Have some parts for sale. 1) Antigravity ATX 20 HD lightweight battery. This will include the battery (box hasnt even been opened yet), post terminals, Repop 3Dprinted battery mount, and the CTEK lithium ion battery charger. $550 shipped for it all (not seperating anything) 2) Lund Racing...
  5. Thermostat housing leak

    Okay cool, thank you. I might have put it on incorrectly thats why I had a drip. If not, Ill just replace it. Thanks for the info!
  6. Thermostat housing leak

    It was leaking at the fitting. Im asking if that black plastic piece (in the pic on the male end) is suppose to be there... inside the female end just before the O ring? Id rather not just throw parts at it if it was a simple mis-installation on my part.
  7. Thermostat housing leak

    Sorry, I didn’t explain it great. It was dripping out the female side of the hose.
  8. Thermostat housing leak

    Hey everyone. Was putting my car back together, installed a new thermostat. When I was taking it apart a black plastic piece went flying. And I cant even remember where it came from. The leak (drip while car is off) was coming from the male section on the top of the thermostat. Is this how its...
  9. Massachusetts FS: Antigravity ATX20-HD Lithium-Ion Battery *New*

    Selling a brand new AG ATX20-HD battery. Never used. Just opened up for picture purposes. Would recommend the 3D printed battery mount and youll also need the terminals for it. Heres a link to the mount https://repop3d.com/product/lithium-ion-battery-holder-mustang/ And a link to the terminals...
  10. HP Tuners RTD question

    Okay thanks! Got ya, okay thanks for the help. Its been years since Ive used an SCT device (on my 2014 car) I cant remember if I was able to just log everything(essentially a log file) datalog on the sct, stop and save the log. Or if I needed a laptop to select the parameters
  11. HP Tuners RTD question

    Ahhh Okay that makes more sense. Thank you! Hmm thats alittle dissapointing. What about the SCT X4? Can I datalog on the device only, and then connect the SCT to my work PC and view the datalogs? That may be better for me. Not being able to send the logs to myself with the RTD is a bummer.
  12. HP Tuners RTD question

    Okay for instance, say if I datalogged via blue tooth with my phone. After Im done, Could I remove the RTD from the car and plug it into my work PC and also view the files? Or do I need to datalog on a laptop?
  13. HP Tuners RTD question

    Hey guys, I have a few questions on the RTD if anyone has used one. Can everything be done via phone app? Datalogging, flashing the vehicle's tune etc...... And then send the log to a tuner AND myself? Id like to be able to view datalogs that I dont want to send to the tuner on occasion. Or do...
  14. Texas repost...? B-line resonated test pipes

    Any videos of these? Ive heard obviously without the resonators, but Im curious how they sound with the resonators
  15. TPMS sensors wont connect

    Yeah Im not sure why. Firestone said they cant do a 30 series tire, Sullivan struggled with it. Theres a speed shop a few towns over from me I found out about after the fact that Ill use
  16. TPMS sensors wont connect

    Cool thanks for including the part number. Yeah I bought the set of 4 from LMR, the 2 in the rear work no problem. 2 in the front dont. So Im leaning towards they broke them.