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  1. Mustang is gone...

    The mustang has so much more potential than the scat pack. My buddy has one with all the bolt ons and he couldn't pretend to run with me. I ran 11.40's with a manual and he runs 12.60's. Both in 100 degree track temps on the same day. I would have probably kept the car if I would have got an...
  2. Baton Rouge S550s

    Not sure if its to late for anyone local, but I have a frpp sport cat back for sale in Baton Rouge. Paid $1300 and selling it for $700. Everything is 100% with it. I don't need it because I put the car back stock and traded the car in. Text or call me. 225-773-0520
  3. Mustang is gone...

    I replaced the mustang with a 2017 Audi q7, but I'm planning on getting a 17 z06 at the end of the year. I'm holding out for the 17 model in hopes they fix some of the cooling issues. I know the tt coyote with a 10 speed was a long shot on previous gt500 cars, but I don't think its all that...
  4. Mustang is gone...

    I trades the mustang in yesterday so I'm out of the mustang world again, but I will be back if the gt500 comes back. I'm hoping for a tt coyote with a 10 speed auto! I am hoping I don't have to wait to long.
  5. Gt 350 intake/tb, painted jlt and frpp sport for sale

    Jlt sold and gt350 intake and tb. I have the cat back left and a bmr bk055 Thsnks
  6. Gt 350 intake/tb, painted jlt and frpp sport for sale

    I put my car back to stock so I'm selling my painted jlt intake ($250), frpp sport cat back exhaust ($800) and gt350 intake and throttle body ($900). Prices are obo. Parts were bought in February-March and work 100% as they should. I do have some bmr parts that I have not installed yet...
  7. 10 speed auto transmission (10R80) S550 Mustang showing up in Microcat

    I think I messed up a 3rd gear shift fork in my mt82. I thinking done with this manual even though I love a manual. Ive held off going forced induction because of the mt82. I was thinking about trading it in for an auto, but now have to wait a whole year for the 10 speed. Lame!!! May go test...
  8. Paxton or procharger f1a

    Goal is to run 140 or better in the 1/4. Car runs 119-122 now n/a. Current mods are full exhaust no cats, gt350 intake, jlt cai and lund tune, drag wheels. Manual car Thanks for the replies
  9. Paxton & Vortech owners please

    Any update on your install? Anyone figure out the bearing noise issues associated with the Paxton?
  10. GT350 IM guys, who is going go centrifugal eventually?

    Any track times? Are you still running the stock opg?
  11. Hp tune while using ngauge?

    I have a Lund ngauge and tune, but wanted to try a custom tune that is being made with hp tuners. Can I install the new tune and still use the ngauge for monitoring and data logging? Thanks
  12. Paxton or procharger f1a

    I've gone back and forth with this descision. I like the out of the way installation of the procharger, but I hear the Paxton is hard to beat. I'm running 119-122 in the 1/4 n/a with gt350 Intake and would like to hit 140+ in the 1/4. I do have a manual car. Any Opinions? I've read and...
  13. GT350 IM guys, who is going go centrifugal eventually?

    12 degrees of total timing and making 650 to the wheels? Why is the timing so low? Or is that how your limiting power. Curious what rpm you are slinning the motor to. I have full bolt on with the 350 intake and A centri is next for me. I'm just curious how well this motor will hold up at my...
  14. Holley Sniper intake has shipped!!!

    The gt350 was worth 3mph to my car in the 1/4 on a n/a setup and i feel the tune sucks seeing my 1/8 mile mph is 4-6 mph slower than other cars running similar times as I am (11.4-11.5).
  15. Holley Sniper intake has shipped!!!

    Has anyone dynoed this Intake? Na or fi?
  16. GT350 IM guys, who is going go centrifugal eventually?

    I'm planning on going with a centri with my 350 intake, but haven't yet. Have you made any dyno pulls with the sniper yet? I haven't seen anything on the intake yet.
  17. People with GT350 intake... in here.

    My car has bad surge and to be honest I don't think it is close to being optimized. My 1/8 mile mph is crap in my opinion. I'm ready for something else. A new tuner or self tune or a 10 speed auto z06. Lol
  18. GT350 intake manifold DRAG strip results.

    I have headers, no cats, frpp sport cat back, jlt, gt350 intake and tb, e85 with the ngauge tuned by Lund and I am being told my stock injectors are fine. It's been that way for a few months now. Maybe my tune is conservative?
  19. GT350 intake manifold DRAG strip results.

    I have all the bolt ons and run the gt350 intake and tb with the stock intectors on e85. I've been running it that way since the gt350 intake came out and Lund says everything looks ok. My rev limiter is set to 8100.