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  1. evo8904

    2020 Shelby GT500 PRICING (MSRP/Invoice) Including Packages & Options

    Yeah, I’m looking at the ZL1s too. I’ve seen some new at $58k. No way in hell am I willing to pay an ADM.
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    I completely agree!
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    It’s just a matter of time before one of these lunatics get in. Schools now seem to be liberal training. I see all of my son’s friends and they are all wanting something for nothing. Think that the gov should give them free shit. I tell them that nothing is free and all of that so called...
  4. evo8904

    The elephant in the room: ADM

    A $50k ADM lmao! There’s always a idiot who is willing to pay.
  5. evo8904

    Is this fake news and or real?

    Yeah, that was the first thing that jumped out at me. Now, I’m sure that once tuners get their hands on the gt500 that governor will be removed.
  6. evo8904

    What's Your Profession?

    CVICU RN Second best job that I have had behind this was active duty US Army.
  7. evo8904

    Whipple 160* or Reische 170*

    I had both. Reische 170
  8. evo8904

    Just started the dreaded tick.

    I’ll be buying a new GT soon and plan to put a aftermarket short block in it before I even drive it home. Fuck it! But if I heard the tick I would borescope it.
  9. evo8904

    Rumor: GT500 BASE MSRP is 67k

    That’s awesome! It’s absolutely crazy to pay a markup. If consumers had any control over their buying emotions then dealers wouldn’t be able to have a markup. I won’t ever pay a markup.
  10. evo8904

    Coffee thrown in car while driving!

    Absolutely! I learned a long time ago that cops aren’t going to waste their time with this. I would have followed that worthless fuck and taught them a life lesson.
  11. evo8904

    Iconic Silver GT500 at Daytona

    Fuck! I should not have looked at this. I forsee working overtime for this lol
  12. evo8904

    Average 1/4 times for stock 93 tuned superchargers without mods??

    I believe they also change the pulley to make an additional 1psi.
  13. evo8904

    With or Without Boost, I'm still slow! (2018 A10 GT)

    Screw all of the traction control shit. I turned that stuff off even on the street with my 2015 whippled mustang.
  14. evo8904

    Whipple gen3 + e85+ comp cams stage2 blower cams what will it make power wise?

    1100+ Let me know when you have that beast dynoed.
  15. evo8904

    Whipple injector question

    There are a lot more features wuth their tune. The ability to adjust the power per gear. Also, Whipple's A/F ratio is better and their timing adjusts depending on octane. I have seen and compared the logs.....there is no comparison.
  16. evo8904

    Whipple injector question

    This! The whipple tune with 72lb injectors with easily make 50-60rwhp more.
  17. evo8904

    2015 Mustang GT, on street tire with phase 1 Roush kit only hits steady 10s

    I haven't even seen a mustang with a roush stage 1 setup tuned by Lund trap as fast as this one. I'm calling BS on this.
  18. evo8904

    Whipple guys, what oil weight do you run?

    That link has some really good information in it. I think a lot of people should read the I-beam vs H-beam.
  19. evo8904

    Numbers Guess..

    I'll guess based on the info. 630rwhp
  20. evo8904

    Dallas, 7JUL16

    Yeah, I feel like I am watching the fall of Rome everyday. I heard that protesters shut down a bridge about an hour from me today. It is unbelievable. Things will get worse.