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  1. Paxton Belt Change

    Switching to a gates green belt. Any tips on changing the belt? Looks like kind of a pain to pull that adjustable idler pulley out of the bracket. Any good tips/tricks to make it easier?
  2. MT-82 option!

    But it’s a g force product right? Not a calimer product?
  3. MT-82 option!

    Can’t wait til these are available for purchase so I can have my family friend rebuild my trans with this.
  4. Who tunes with HP tuners?

    I’ve been thinking about this as well for a long time, and the new mpvi2 setup looks sweet and has a lower initial cost to get started. I fear the learning curve might be a little steep though. I’m just tired of having to pay for a retune every time I make a simple change.
  5. 18 Intake vs Boss, paxton car?

    I ported my boss before I had the Paxton. But it pulls like a freight train to 8k.
  6. Paxton 2200SL issue

    Tial ftw. That stock bypass valve is terrible.
  7. Paxton w/3.6 Pulley Boost/HP

    Your boost is low o:
  8. budget drag wheel and tire setup, check this out.

    Would be nice if those front 18’s would clear brembos :(
  9. Tuning

    I’d love to learn to tune myself as well, but I’m nervous about doing it. Tired of depending on tuners, wondering if they’ve set the tune up right for my setup, waiting for revisions, paying every time I make a change.
  10. Boost Box Omega

    Are you using ngauge or sct? I’m wondering if it reads vac at idle as well. If it does, you’re definitely seeing volts displayed. Should have 20-25 mmhg at idle.
  11. Boost Box Omega

    Anybody got a review on this yet for accuracy? Bueller?
  12. 3.73 to 3.13

    It’s pretty straightforward. Make sure that the diff you buy comes with a manual flange. My used iron 3.31 diff came with an auto flange somehow. Didn’t realize til it was in the car. Fun job to swap that.
  13. Heavier oil for FI?

    5w30 hps here. But probably switching to amsoil signature because my local Napa carries it and the owner is a mustang guy. He hooks me up.
  14. Boost Box Omega

    I’ll probably do the same. Way easier to snake a small vac hose in the cabin than a cable with connector.
  15. Boost Box Omega

    It’s got a nipple for a vac line. So yes, you’ll need to T into a line that sees boost. The plug and play is just in reference to wiring.
  16. Boost Box Omega

    Yes. That is correct. Issues are well known with the previous boost boxes.
  17. Boost Box Omega

    Hurry up so we know if we should buy or not! Lol
  18. Boost Box Omega

    Sweet. Let us all know how it works out!
  19. 18 Manifold + Vortech V3

    Would like to see a back to back run vs a boss. I bet the boss is better up top but the 18 is better mid.
  20. Your tuner tells you to...

    I’ve seen Lund tune cars both ways. Boost ref and not.