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  1. On3 Top Mount

    I’m actually not sure I never asked if they did I just assumed they did when they did the OPG and timing sprockets. As for power goals I really didn’t have a number in mind I just want it to run solid but if I had to throw something out there I would say 750. I’m already looking to do the motor...
  2. On3 Top Mount

    The install is being done by Lethal Performance of Texas. As far as I know they didn’t have any fitment issues. Only thing was as mentioned before the ac inlet was tucked back so it was impossible to fill unless taking out the battery. I was concerned about air flow in the front as the stock...
  3. On3 Top Mount

    Was on the waiting list for my On3 top mount kit for about 3 months starting in Jan/19. Finally got my kit and waiting for tuning at this point. Car is a manual 15. Build list: On3 Top Mount Kit (twin 61mm ball bearing turbos) Fore Return style fuel system (2 465 pumps)...
  4. What Turbo Kit are you Running?

    I just pulled the trigger on the On3 twin 61mm top mount kit. Fore fuel system with twin 465 Walbro pumps and ID 1000 injectors. Was just this past Saturday so no pics yet.
  5. Magnaflow Stainless Steel Tru-X Resonated X-Pipe for all 2015-2017 GT Mustangs

    This would be perfect if it fit to long tube setups that are full 3"
  6. Anyone try open headers

    Full ARH system with no cats H pipe and muffler delete is stupid loud I had my car setup like this for one day and threw the ARH mufflers back me you don't want that for a daily driver, track only yes. Side note: the idle sounds like a mustang should sound loud and semi choppy, too...
  7. Headers and Full Exhaust

    Full ARH setup is not loud at all unless really in the gas and cold starts. I have the 1-7/8 off road long tubes to h pipe and ARH cat back. I would actually like it to be a little louder but I'm satisfied overall.
  8. No Muffler Crew

    I have full ARH system no cats H pipe and Magnaflow race axle back (which I'm selling because this setup is too loud for my neighborhood). Anyway here's an idle clip can't figure out how to get this to show vid
  9. Magnaflow Race Series axle back

    Still for sale!
  10. Magnaflow Race Series axle back

    Looking to sell my Magnaflow Race series axle back exhaust. It was on my car for about two hours then I took it off, way too loud for the neighborhood I live in. Running full ARH system with this axle back is crazy loud. Fit and finish on this system is top notch. Looking to sell locally only...
  11. ARH exhaust question

    Off topic but related to ARH. I have the full arh system and I'm wondering if anyone knows of a muffler delete that fits
  12. Baer Rear Brake conversion for 15" Drag Wheels

    I had looked at doing this conversion before and decided not to because In the description of the brake kit it stated that "this kit does not retain the e-brake" but now that I go look at your link I'm not seeing it. So my question is...has Baer released a new kit that allows us to keep the e-brake?
  13. Couple teaser pics

    Which spec cams did you go with?
  14. Boost Works Single Turbo Kit

    I skipped Black Friday / cyber Monday / Christmas deals because of this! I can't wait to see it all in detail!
  15. Procharger Supercharger for the 2015 Mustang GT: Now Taking Orders

    Can I get a price for stg 2 with d1 head unit and the red race valve
  16. Lund ghost cam tune for FI

    Well first off he has "actual cams" or his motor wouldn't run. Second, even if he did throw in "aftermarket cams that make power" the Dohc motor doesn't "chop" like a single cam motor so you won't get that audible everyone with this tune is seeking. So my question is it's not ok to run this tune...
  17. 2016 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals!!!

    Anyone else having trouble with codes not working on lethal performance site? Trying Mgw not working
  18. 2016 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals!!!

    Anyone have a sale on tires? Looking for MICKEY THOMPSON ET STREET R TIRE - 305/45/17
  19. 2016 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals!!!

    Let's see some boost deals!