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  1. wsfrazier

    Anyone have this integrated dashcam installed?

    Interested in this as well, though I tend to keep my ngauge plugged into the OBDII port.
  2. wsfrazier


    I guess it's really a no brainer for me since I have a green car, lol. I also just recently got the MGW xspec shifter with a green flatstick, so I guess it would match that as well inside. I never knew about the rears being green stitched. I have no issues swapping those out either. I'm down...
  3. wsfrazier


    Tempted since I have a 2019 gotta have it green with leather recaros.. The color wouldn't look too bad.
  4. wsfrazier

    OEM Audio Plus Release

    OEM Audio Plus has released their new subwoofer kit it looks like. I thought they were working on a complete speaker replacement kit, but maybe that is still in the works? $799 doesn't seem too bad compared to the competition of fitted subwoofers, plus this one is 100% plug n play. Would have...
  5. wsfrazier

    18 inch wheels? On 2019 PP1 GT with Brembo brakes?

    Yeah, still rubbed. Just sold the wheels off and got a set of 19's as snow wheels
  6. wsfrazier

    GT WTS: UPR Dual Catch Can - New

    Still BNIB, never installed. Bought this a few months ago, too late to return. Retails for ~$350, just trying to get some money back. UPR Dual Catch Can Setup, everything pre-cut and assembled. Ready to bolt on. Asking $250
  7. wsfrazier

    Pennsylvania WTB: MGW XSpec Shifter

    Looking for an MGW shifter for my 2019 GT. Prefer the xspec but might entertain the regular one. Flatstick option would be even better. Let me know
  8. wsfrazier

    Virginia Off the Market Like New Ecoboost Gauge Pod With Oil Pressure and Vacuum/Boost Gauges

    How well did this work with your Edelbrock blower? Fairly accurate? I have the EB TVS2650 and have been wanting to change my guages out for the vac/boost ones.
  9. wsfrazier

    Edelbrock E-Force Troubleshooting Manual

    I see a whipple TB as large as 150mm for 2018+ cars. Temping to go with that and have my local fabricator make it work. Making an intake fit wouldn't be fun. Probably talk to Lund first and see what he prefers since hes the one that has to make it drive.
  10. wsfrazier

    Edelbrock E-Force Troubleshooting Manual

    I was looking at the 112mm kong one as well since I am still on the factory Ford one. Might as well get the biggest one I can and buy it once. How large is the biggest whipple TB for gen3 cars? Can always get an adapter fabricated locally.
  11. wsfrazier

    How much torque is your TVS making?

    756whp / 614wtq from a 2650 600 ft/lbs at 3k on the hit, the tq is pretty flat all the way to 7500.
  12. wsfrazier

    Return Style system

    I run 3 pumps hot with no hobbs, and just recently did a 400 mile trip letting the tank get as low as under 1/4 sometimes. 100% daily driver street car on pump e85. No issues. To each their own
  13. wsfrazier


    I don't do the whole Instagram or social media thing, but I am in the South Hills area (Jefferson Hills) and would be down to meat up anywhere.
  14. wsfrazier

    PD Superchargers! Which one to get?

    TVS if a street car, you will notice the low end more on a daily driver street car. Any of the 2650's will do, VMP, Edlebrock, Harrop
  15. wsfrazier

    Time to upgrade to a Fuel system, here is what I’m considering.

    I also run the Lethal triple pump kit. The hat is un-assemled in it's own box. So you're not losing out on anything.
  16. wsfrazier

    Time to upgrade to a Fuel system, here is what I’m considering.

    I also recently installed the Lethal triple pump kit for E85 on my blower setup. Great kit, I prefer their wire harness over Fore's controllers, but that's me. I also prefer Lethal (Fragola) PTFE lines vs Fore stainless lines. Having the fuel lines pre-assembled to length is also a nice bonus...
  17. wsfrazier

    Researching different boost packages for my 19 PP2 car

    Regardless of Evolution Performance, the Edelbrock 2650 is a good choice if you're going custom tuning. Mine with Lund tuning makes 600 ft/lbs tq instantly at 3k RPM and climbs, and I am still on a larger 3" pulley. Fun street car. Whipple is probably just as great. If you're just chasing 1/4...
  18. wsfrazier

    L2 Fore system or Lethal's whipple system?

    A $2000 Lethal System is "knock off"? okay then chief Lethal uses Fragola lines and hardware, and personally I actually prefer it to Fore. Fore PTFE stainless is ugly and abrasive, Fragola's PTFE stainless with the black coating is an upgrade IMO (looks better and won't scratch). For the hat...
  19. wsfrazier


    Big PCS meet this Saturday in Monroeville I believe. A lot of the cars there will be slanty wheel imports, but hopefully some late model pony cars.