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  1. Highest mileage and longest period with original evaporator core?

    63k miles living in Los Angeles and going strong still.
  2. Got pulled over Sat night for Mod Exhaust

    And yet people are moving here by the dozens. Our freeways are so freaking congested now that it's taking 1 hour and a half for like a 10 mile commute. Knock on wood I haven't been pulled over for anything.
  3. IAT's are consistently 12 to 15f warmer than ambient

    Can confirm mine has always been higher than ambient. Usually 5-7 more. If I'm sitting in traffic and it's 100 outside mine will go up to 110 or so.
  4. White sticky grease like substance on passenger floor near firewall. What is it?

    I went into this thread expecting great responses. Sorely disappointed.
  5. Reving to high RPM bad for the engine?

    Lol people thinking I bought a v8 to worry about my gas mileage.
  6. Reving to high RPM bad for the engine?

    Then I'm surprised my v8 is still going strong after 60k+ miles of "high revving" wear and tear.
  7. What car has the most obnoxious drivers when you drive your S550.

    Actually when I'm in my mustang the WRX drivers are the coolheaded ones. It's the Honda Accord turbos and Hyundai's that act the fools. Trucks actually give me the road and move over which is pretty cool.
  8. New to California - Law Questions

    I've had my awe exhaust and running no front plates for two years now. I have never gotten a second look from police officers. Just leave the crazy driving for the track.
  9. Does premium gas make a big difference over regular?

    This thread turned into an octane war.
  10. Would I be crazy to trade in my ‘18 GT pp1 for a ‘16 GT Premium pp1?

    People acting holier than thou than the OP. Yeah, he made a mistake but don't berate him for his choice. Everyone makes a mistake and don't tell anyone that not one of us has ever made a stupid one either. Deal with the mistake, OP. Either refinancing or getting rid of it if you can't refi. We...
  11. Would I be crazy to trade in my ‘18 GT pp1 for a ‘16 GT Premium pp1?

    I have 3% and I cant imagine paying everyone else is saying go with a credit union and talk to someone in the bank. They should be able to help you out.
  12. My engine is deceased...

    Drive it like you stole it...over and over again.
  13. New Owner! Engine and transmission questions

    Do people not test drive the mustang before signing the papers? Everyone knows this engine comes alive after 4k rpms... And most will tell you here to drive it hard even during break in. If any problems pop up it should do it within the first 1000 miles.
  14. Why is the 2018 GT so fast?

    This is true and i have the experience to say so. After half mile it's not even close. From a stop though they are pretty fast so stop light to stop light it's no contest.
  15. Liquid Moly Ceratec

    Idk...adds cost maybe?
  16. I messed up. Gonna miss the Mustang...

    If I was gonna ever get rid of my mustang if would be for the 2019 Miata. Isn't the 2017 only rated at 151 hp? I know the new miatas got a power bump. For the price and performance you just can't beat it and when I hear that v8 roar I know I'm gonna kill myself if I ever go and trade her in for...
  17. 2015 GT test drive

    Yeah when I test drove my 2015 the suspension felt kinda soft for the amount of power it has.
  18. 2018 GT PP1 : delayed throttle response

    If I set my 15 GT for sport plus I can break the tires loose from a stop by mashing on the pedal...even overtaking cars on the highway at 60 torque response seems fast. Before I know it I'm going into triple digits. Not tuned and with 87 gas.
  19. Mustangs are apparently moron magnets.

    There are almost 8 billion people on the planet so it's a high possibility that you'll meet a moron more than once a day. Even when not driving a mustang.