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  1. MrBillton

    2019 GT500 Mustang New Spy Video, Pics, Info

    Voiced it from the seat of my Charger Scat Pack - I have only driven or bought Fords my entire life and am slowly moving in a new direction. Safe to say they are alienating me as a consumer and don't care. When it comes to future vehicles purchases (truck, SUV included), I now feel inclined...
  2. MrBillton

    Car & Driver Long Term Shelby GT350

    It sounds like you are wondering why someone would care about their engine internals when it's under a warranty anyways. Does someone really need to articulate to you the reasons why one would not want to have additional wear on their motor (or replace it) even if it's under warranty?
  3. MrBillton

    Rumor - The GT500 thread

    correct, it became the basis for the 2010 horsepower increase to 540
  4. MrBillton

    Need advice, front splitter fell off

    after you've exhausted all avenues of working with the dealer, if you still can't get the resolution you seek, simply write them the message saying: "I am writing to resolve the following issue with my purchase: type issue here Please consider this my final attempt at resolving amicably. If I...
  5. MrBillton

    DIBeauty GR139 is home...

    great looking car...congrats!
  6. MrBillton

    Everyday Driver GT350 vs Boss 302

    I have a Laguna Seca Boss in the Bay Area all stock minus Corsa mufflers...a Boss LS to this guy's 350r comparison could be neat.
  7. MrBillton

    GT350R vs Stingray Grand Sport

    He was probably thinking of C5Zs...which have held around 20-25k for the last 5 years... ZR1 for 55k?! Where? I research car prices on an unhealthy basis and haven't seen one that low. Not trying to troll, just legitimately curious where you found that price for one with a clean title
  8. MrBillton

    Motor Trend's GT350 Video Review

    me too, congrats on the awesome car, did you get it delivered yet?
  9. MrBillton

    Motor Trend's GT350 Video Review

    Road and Track got a 12.3 @117.3...not far off what Motor Trend did
  10. MrBillton

    GT350 vs. Z/28

    Seeing out of Camaro seems to be difficult for smaller people. Folks over 6ft are seemingly less noticing of the visibility issues.
  11. MrBillton

    2002 Camaro SS VS. Ecoboost

    all things being equal, his car is def faster right now, but the cars are close enough in performance to where it can go either way based on some small variables...maybe you got the jump on him, maybe he's not a good driver, maybe his tires are bald... in any case...sounds like you toasted him...
  12. MrBillton

    2015 GT PP vs. 2011 GT500 w/SVT PP

    Well aware that it's a new motor, the detail at hand was whether it was technologically newer than the Coyote, it was not. Once again, just an extended application of previously used tech. For some reason, you disagreed with this. No, you're wrong because you've made several assumptions and...
  13. MrBillton

    2015 GT PP vs. 2011 GT500 w/SVT PP

    Thanks, the article you linked to states that the Coyote was essentially a clean sheet of paper whereas the the 5.8 was just an extension of pre-existing engine tech...which means, as I stated, the Coyote is a newer tech motor...not sure how you don't comprehend that...oh yeah...your reading...
  14. MrBillton

    2015 GT PP vs. 2011 GT500 w/SVT PP

    The date an engine is manufactured doesn't indicate how technologically advanced it is...the 2013 motor isn't as technologically advanced as the's just an extended application of the previously used tech in a larger displacement and small revisions. You know this already, not sure...
  15. MrBillton

    2015 GT PP vs. 2011 GT500 w/SVT PP

    Your responses are walls of text like you just throw up on your keyboard. It's pretty evident your intelligence is below average. Why do most tuners leave blown Coyotes around 6-650whp meanwhile GT500 are always tuned from 650-750 with blower swaps? Lol you say it's just crap yet two posts...
  16. MrBillton

    2015 GT PP vs. 2011 GT500 w/SVT PP

    not on average... i'm not saying it's not overpriced man, but bear in mind it also includes a supercharger and has the name Shelby on it. Just because something is overpriced doesn't mean it's a POS. By your logic Ferraris must suck since they are 10 times as expensive but not 10 times as...
  17. MrBillton

    2015 GT PP vs. 2011 GT500 w/SVT PP

    a. ownership ≠ knowledge (not saying he doesn't know about them, he just didn't actually refute the points I made, just made his own) b. you don't anything about me dude
  18. MrBillton

    2015 GT PP vs. 2011 GT500 w/SVT PP

    You're mistaken and not classy at all, but thanks. I understand the line of thinking that whatever car you own is superior, but sadly that's not the case. Wow, only 800whp on a factory rod?!? That's it! You're right, what a piece of much can the Coyote rods take? Sorry but engine...
  19. MrBillton

    2015 GT PP vs. 2011 GT500 w/SVT PP

    GT500 no Shelby owners wish they had a GT, just sayin... that car can make well over 700 at the wheels without doing motor work... It's faster, it's more rare, it's a higher trim model, worth more, motor is fully forged, like some others have brainer. I'd also add that...
  20. MrBillton

    San Jose to Carmel Cruise - Sunday July 19th

    Yeah, we had a backup route to Napa planned...we didn't wanna drive in the rain either! Had a great ride and a huge turnout at the meetup, think everyone really enjoyed themselves! Yep, I'm setting one up for next month...I'll let you know the details. For those that missed it, a buddy and I...