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  1. HaleFire

    Gt350 all season tires

    I replaced my OEM MPSSs with the AS3+ (275 front, 285 rear) last Fall. My original intention was to run that setup through the colder months and get a new set of rims in the spring for summer rubbers. I was pleasantly surprised with how well the AS3+ handled and gripped, so after a few drives...
  2. HaleFire

    Blackstone oil analysis

    Did you reset the oil life monitor after the first change? Seems awfully quick to be recommending another already.
  3. HaleFire

    Gt350 or C8

    If you are willing to wait, I would want to drive a C8, GT350R and GT500 to compare. I'm really intrigued with the C8 and could see myself getting one someday, but it would only be in addition to what I already have. I wouldn't get rid of the GT350 because it brings it's own unique...
  4. HaleFire

    Shelby GT350 Ford Spare Tire Kit

    It will not clear the calipers. The only off-the-shelf option I know of is the Automotive Authority LLC spare tire. I have that, as do many other members. They include a spacer in their GT350 kit that allows the spare to fit on the front. Edit: Forgot to mention that it does fit under the...
  5. HaleFire

    Did I smoke my clutch, or am I just paranoid?

    Highly doubt you damaged the clutch. JAJ's solution is worth trying if you feel like it isn't going away with more driving time.
  6. HaleFire

    Help me diagnose A/C problem

    This was my issue as well. First thing I noticed was the compressor kicking on/off at idle and the air was working randomly. Took it to dealer and they found an evaporator leak.
  7. HaleFire

    Missing center console trim piece

    I was cleaning up the interior yesterday to prep the car for service (evap core probably went out, ugh...) and noticed that I'm missing the trim piece between the launch control and muffler mode switch (see pic). I looked all over for it inside the car and can't find it. Check online as well...
  8. HaleFire

    Oil Consumption Concern

    That amount of consumption is concerning. I think it would be a good idea to see another dealer. I just rolled past 17,000 miles. No track time. It's about 50/50 on mountain road drives and highway trips. Very little city driving. I've changed the oil 4 times and in between changes I'm...
  9. HaleFire

    Petrol station visit

    I haven't done the research or anything, but are there any instances of fire or explosion due directly to a vehicle idling during fueling? Honestly, I've never heard of it. I still turn off my vehicle, mostly out of habit I suppose. Everyone I see around here does the same. I sometimes fill...
  10. HaleFire

    New owner here!

    I mostly drive mine during the weekends up in the mountains on curvy roads. I daily drive it 2 or 3 times a month just for the fun of it. If I had to do it long term I could easily make it work except for those days where we get dumped on with snow. I haven't specifically checked my mileage...
  11. HaleFire

    On the horns of a dilemma...

    I was very torn between Recaro's and the leather seats - I ended up with the Recaro's and have no regrets. Some folks find the Recaro's uncomfortable for longer periods because the bolsters get in the way. I'm pretty thin though (6' 0" 165) so it doesn't bother me even when driving 5+ hours...
  12. HaleFire


    I felt sick the first few times I scraped the splitter but I quickly realized that it is just a fact of life with this car. You will slowly figure out what won't scrape and what you need to take at an angle. Even if you do, it isn't a big deal as the splitter seems to be very durable and...
  13. HaleFire

    Perceptions of Middle-age Men in Mustangs

    Doesn't matter what age you are, there will be negative perceptions regarding everything you do. Because cars like mustangs are really an extension of your personality and identity, I think the perceptions are magnified. I'm 27, and have been told many times that I shouldn't have bought my car...
  14. HaleFire

    Splitter Repair?

    The part number on the rivets is W705297-S417 - should be available online. Not sure on the epoxy.
  15. HaleFire

    DCT would you if you could?

    I wouldn't be interested even if it was free
  16. HaleFire

    Oil Consumption

    I have a winter beater that behaves exactly like this. After an oil change it will go through a bit of oil and stop just above the min mark on the dipstick. It won't go any further down even after 4k miles. My GT350 goes through a bit of oil and I was previously adding oil even if the level...
  17. HaleFire

    Where do you guys buy your oil?

    Rock auto for motorcraft 5w50
  18. HaleFire

    Do you guys say hi to other S550 mustang owners on the road?

    Yep, I wave or flash the lights at anyone I suspect is an enthusiast regardless of model. The return rate is pretty high around here.
  19. HaleFire

    Great engine thread

    I've put on 13,500 miles and added 3 quarts over that period. No track days or autocross, just mountain drives and short roadtrips. No mechanical problems. I do have a faint 'tick' rattle that I've got coming from the passenger seatbelt area when I hit small bumps. I haven't been able to sort...
  20. HaleFire

    15,000 Miles On the R: The Good and the Bad

    I had the same anxiety. If you didn't know, Automotive Authority LLC has a spare tire kit for the GT350 that I picked up. It fits under the trunk floor just fine. There is a thread somewhere about it. Worth getting if you plan on long road trips or you frequently drive a ways from...