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  1. Lord Thunder

    2015 GT "Roaring Thunder" wrap.

    I recently had my 2015 GT wrapped in a "Roaring Thunder" satin wrap. Chrome trims were blacked out matte black and all of it was coated with Modesta The wheels are my winter wheels, so they will be swapped out for another set, which may be black. (Not sure yet) My detailer has made a nice video...
  2. Lord Thunder

    "Roaring Thunder" GT

    Hi all, I recently 'exchanged' my 2015 Ecoboost for a Ruby-Red 2015 GT. Today I picked it up after a bit of a 'makeover': It's been wrapped in "Roaring Thunder" from the Avery ColorFlow(tm) series. The Chrome has been blacked out for the most part (except for the front and rear badges). The...
  3. Lord Thunder

    Perceptions of Middle-age Men in Mustangs

    Both these statements x100 ;) Also: middle aged men (44 here) describes the vast majority people driving one here in The Netherlands. This is mainly because of the high retail prices (north of 70k USD) for recent models and old-timers being a second (or third) car project, which involves...
  4. Lord Thunder

    Steeda "EcoBoss" Cold Air Intake Offer

    Great to see offers like this. :thumbsup: Too bad I just upgraded to a GT :wink:
  5. Lord Thunder

    Daily Chat Topic Europe

    I unlocked an upgrade ;) IMG_20181110_123609 by Lord Thunder posted Nov 11, 2018 at 1:12 PM
  6. IMG_20181110_123609


    Upgrade unlocked.
  7. Lord Thunder

    Daily Chat Topic Europe

    My right front pad had a case of squeeling. I was told it had to do with heat issues that forms like a glassy layer on the block. They sanded down the block a bit to remove it. It was fine for a good while. It did come back after a while though.
  8. Lord Thunder

    Daily Chat Topic Europe

    My imported 2015 GT finally received a registration. Picking it up tomorrow.
  9. Lord Thunder

    19x9 square on 2015 GT?

    Thanks for your reply. I was going to get some stock 19x9's somewhere, so caliper fitment shouldn't be a problem.
  10. Lord Thunder

    19x9 square on 2015 GT?

    Hi all, I am replacing my 2015 Ecoboost with a 2015 GT. The Ecoboost has 19x9 rims all around, the GT has 19x9.5's in the rear. Since I still have a pretty good set of 255x40x19 winter tyres (Michelin Pilot Alpin) that I used om my Ecoboost, I was thinking to get a set of 19x9 rims so I can...
  11. Lord Thunder

    4th Luxemburg Mustang meeting Pictures!

    I agree. Thanks again to all people who participated. I had a great time.
  12. Lord Thunder

    4th Luxemburg Mustang meeting !

    My girl was talking about dressing up for the Classic car event in 50s/60s dress or something.
  13. Lord Thunder

    2018 Mustang in the showrooms *photos inside*

    Two things: 1. Do the gills now work ont he EU version? 2. Are they any changes to the the offsets etc, I need those new 5 spoke wheels!
  14. Lord Thunder

    Daily Chat Topic Europe

    Apparently it is. Ford Netherlands says they are waiting on them. Lame excuse though, I mean how many people have to be sleeping? Don't they have any metrics and dashboards to track performance? This is their core business ffs! "Get stuff to customers".
  15. Lord Thunder

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    In fact there's about 150 (and about 10 GT's). Which is still very little in a country with 8 million cars, still if you pretend to sell a car, you should have SOME parts on the bloomin' continent at least. Heard from someone else they had to wait weeks for a replacement windshield. This is in...
  16. Lord Thunder

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Today, I called my dealer to hear if they finally got that waterpump from FordNL. Almost 3 weeks without my car. This is getting ridiculous. Apparently there is no stock, so all parts are on 'back order' so if you live in Europe and your Mustang breaks down, the fact the car is 'officially sold'...
  17. Lord Thunder

    Daily Chat Topic Europe

    My car is in its third week at the Dealership. Still no replacement waterpump. Lovely, simply lovely support Ford.
  18. Lord Thunder

    Daily Chat Topic Europe

    Hi guys, long time no see. Just dropping in to let you all know my car has been sitting at the dealer's with a leaking waterpump. Waiting for a replacement, which they obviously don't have on stock anywhere around here.
  19. Lord Thunder

    What did you do to your EU S550 Mustang Today

    Today I caught a rock on my front window, while driving on the highway. So I'll be looking for a glass repair shop in Monday.
  20. Lord Thunder

    Daily Chat Topic Europe

    My dealer only found out the airco was empty. The refilled it with a tracer, so they could maybe find out if there's a leak. I went back last week and they couldn't find any signs of leakage. The airco cools pretty well now .. but I am afraid I'll have the other problem of 'no heating' again. :/...