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  1. Stealthfall

    Interesting article

    I realised i forgot a word: as*. I meant to say "not as good looking", I was trying to be fair there are good aspects they nailed it on the refreshed headlights for looks. But the real nail in the coffin i think was the word which will likely get me banned for saying again "Camaro"
  2. Stealthfall

    Interesting article

    Nope still not good looking, but the headlights look great. The body lines remind me too much of the 1998 refresh of the Camaro's front end and looks kinda squinty looking to me and both remind me of a Catfish's face
  3. Stealthfall

    Mustang winter drivers

    I lived in La Ronge Saskatchewan, Drove it daily even in temps down to -40 (few of my co-workers wondered why I didn't buy a 4x4) now I live further south and still do so. My only change going forward is switching to Nokian Hakkapeliitas as referred to me by a guy I know who uses a C7 as a...
  4. Stealthfall

    Patent hints at return of the Mustang glass roof option?

    I wonder what that windshield replacement will cost on the guigaro.
  5. Stealthfall

    winter storage

    At -40 the MT-82 needs a few minutes to warm up before it will slot into gear nicely, the block heater only warms the engine so easy does it until everything is warmed up. As a side note alcantara is far easier on the bare hands than the standard steering wheel in the cold.
  6. Stealthfall

    What’s better octane for an ecoboost?

    Be careful with aviation fuels. As of right now majority of Aviation Gasoline is still leaded 100 Green dyed and 100LL blue "Low lead" is still a fairly high lead content .56 grams/Litre. Unleaded is "still in testing" (debatable as i think it stalled) with the FAA so availability will be...
  7. Stealthfall

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Technically yesterday, but put a Steeda Ultralight G-track brace on my car. Bit of a delay getting it but am quite happy with it. Seems to have cut some of the tram-lining down and initial turn in feels a touch sharper haven't had a chance to push it.
  8. Stealthfall

    So, I'm an idiot and crashed my '18 GT. Sell/Fix/jump out the window?

    I disagree on your assesment on generating cash as your location says Toronto, so you apparently live in the biggest city in Canada which brings with it far more traffic - higher risk of collision, more theft, more vandalism and more violent crime all of which are factors in setting insurance...
  9. Stealthfall

    Would you pick the same color . . .

    I was initially unsure of a black painted roof on Grabber Blue but after seeing it in person I wouldn't have it any other way.
  10. Stealthfall

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Definitely louder than stock. Maybe a little louder than I would like as I don't want too much attention draw - the paint does that already. Very reasonable cabin volume at cruising rpms although I do have the FRPP calibration so I don't have a symposer which to affect volume and sound. It gives...
  11. Stealthfall

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Installed a Ford Racing Ecoboost Sport Axleback.
  12. Stealthfall

    Custom Plates?

    There is a man with the last name Assman here in Saskatchewan, SGI (plating authority/insurance) refused to let him have his last name for his plate.
  13. Stealthfall

    What feature(s) would you like to have?

    That might have something to do with being a coupe and having a non-electric way of folding the seat for entering and exiting the back seat.
  14. Stealthfall

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Ford's actually, FR3Z-7213-D according to the box. Feels way better than the stock one
  15. Stealthfall

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Installed Shifttek shift boot and arm rest cover (park brake to go but i don't want to pull the top of the console while its -30). As well installed a Steeda aluminium reverse lockout and a carbon fibre shift knob installed.
  16. Stealthfall

    Can't wait for this. LoL

    I don't think electric shocks goes too far enough. Electric eels dropped on the drivers head/lap may be more appropriate
  17. Stealthfall

    Can't wait for this. LoL

    Oh boy, it reads to me like China's social credit score for drivers. Also lets distract drivers to complain about distracted drivers.
  18. Stealthfall

    2018 MT82 Second gear Lockout

    For a lower cost you can get a Steeda or Whiteline Transmission bushing insert, wont necessarily eliminate it entirely but it should improve.
  19. Stealthfall

    Saying Goodbye (& Eating Crow)

    Euro NCAP required (at least for when 2015-17s were certified) automatic emergency braking ration to be considered for a 5 star rating. There has been a shift in their system to require active features rather than just collision results. Similarly a majority of 2 door cars have lower ratings due...