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  1. Dumbest question ever, how do I engage drag mode?

    Turns out that car didn't have drag mode. The new car does. I took advantage of the covid 19 incentives and traded it in on a premium with equipment group 401a. That solved that problem and got me a bunch of other stuff I wanted.
  2. Dumbest question ever, how do I engage drag mode?

    Might I suggest a lightly used several year old Porsche Boxster if one wants a roadster? I've had one, and it was awesome. Less than 20 grand out the door from a Porsche dealer, too. Anyway, I digress. Obviously I didn't do enough research. In hindsight, I think what happened is that the...
  3. Dumbest question ever, how do I engage drag mode?

    Well damn, I thought I did my due diligence. I don't remember ever reading once that the car needed to come with anything other than pp1 and automagic. I could have just gotten one with the auto and been fine. I guess I'll see if a tune can emulate drag mode or not. To be honest, I would...
  4. Dumbest question ever, how do I engage drag mode?

    I thought pp1 and auto were enough to get drag mode. What other option is needed to get drag mode?
  5. Dumbest question ever, how do I engage drag mode?

    There are no toggle switches, it's not a premium coupe.
  6. Dumbest question ever, how do I engage drag mode?

    Hi all, I looked through my owner's manual and didn't see anything about it. I must be a half tard today, I dunno. My car is a 2020 gt pp1 auto, so surely it has drag mode. Someone please tell me what blindingly obvious stuff I'm missing, step by step please.
  7. Introduce yourself!!

    Hi, I'm Neil, an existing member. My '16 gt was stolen when it was months old, so I kinda dropped off the board. I now have a brand new '20 gt pp1 in Kona blue. I don't have any good pictures of it yet, as it's been raining for much of the 2 days I've owned it. I'll probably be an active...
  8. Rousch blown gt in for surgery

    What heads do you have? I have a set of B1 originals that do 417 at .750 or .800", but I don't know what they do at lower lifts.
  9. Boost Works Twin Turbo System Pics/Video/Pricing Bonanza!!

    Am I reading the pricing correctly, that the higher power complete kit comes with totally inadequate injectors that must be upgraded for more money to reach the power the kit is designed for, or was that simply a cut and paste error from the lower power kit description?
  10. Wondering how many have already broke a half shaft and how

    Good God, why would someone cutting 1.3's only be running 10.99?
  11. Will 3.55 gears hurt or help with a whipple or VMP set up

    140+ trap speeds aren't necessarily required to go 9's. I made quite a few high 9 passes in my '91 notchback, and my highest trap speed was a little over 138. My best ET was 9.76, and I think that was at 137 and some change. Some of my very high 9 second passes were at 136 and change.
  12. Wondering how many have already broke a half shaft and how

    Wheel hop can break almost anything. When I was drag racing my dually, I shattered the spider gears in two different stock limited slip unit dana 80 carriers. It was wheel hop both times. As you might suspect, even stock dana 80 stuff isn't really weak. Clamping the front of the leaf springs...
  13. Custom Tunes

    Torrie at Unleashed also does gt's, using the X4.
  14. Vibration between 50 & 70 mph

    I called the dealership (not driving there, it's 30 miles away) and asked about it. They JUST called me back. Here it is: SSM45938
  15. Hellion Kit Owner's (Chime In)

    Moosa, what kind of engine is that in your picture? At first I thought early hemi, then I saw the cam belt, then I saw the ford oil fill cap, so I thought FE-based sohc motor, but those had chains, not belts...
  16. Oil pump gear disaster

    True, but if someone has made a different mistake than what you did, they could possibly get it far enough off to cause damage-which would probably be harmlessly detectable by turning it slowly by hand.
  17. Vibration between 50 & 70 mph

    I know you do, and I'll post it just as soon as I get it.
  18. Boosted Auto car question

    It's possible I suppose, but I think it's much more likely the clutches.
  19. Vibration between 50 & 70 mph

    Not yet, but soon. When I picked my car up, the lady told me that the person who could close out a warranty ticket was not there right at the moment. She said that they would mail me the paperwork you normally get at the counter when you pick up your car. I'm assuming that the tsb# will be on...