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  1. Fuel System or Not?

    When in doubt do a fuel system.
  2. Apologies for the same question regarding wheels and all seasons, PP2

    Get an all season tire. There isn’t anything special about the wheel keeping you from doing so. Or get a set of winter wheels with an all season tire. The sport cup2’s are great in the summer and an all season won’t hold up to them
  3. on3 single turbo for 2018+

    Fuel system + e85+ boost = 800wjp
  4. Vortech V3- 631 RWHP

    E85, Paxton w/3.6 pulley, lth, sai li fuel system, 1000cc injectors
  5. 7.85 @174 1/4mile with my 10r80

    Congrats that’s awesome
  6. GT QA1 Carbon Fibre Driveshaft

    I am finding conflicting info on this drive shaft. Some say manual others say auto. I am assuming this came out of an auto car? SFI approved?
  7. Twin turbo 2.5 vs 3 inch exhaust

    which boost referenced cut outs did you go with?
  8. Comp Air Cooled Turbos

    How much do you think a turbo costs?
  9. Twin turbo 2.5 vs 3 inch exhaust

    Or boost referenced cut outs. Pretty affordable and allow you to keep your current exhaust. Have the cut outs open at say 5-6 psi and then boom you create a free flowing exhaust while making power
  10. Ready for TX2k!!! - New Dyno #s on th 18 for Beefcake Racing!

    Saw the first passes from yesterday. Sure is getting after it!
  11. Boosted Engine bays!

    I was just messin! Both look great. Nice upgrade!
  12. Boosted Engine bays!

    Literally a stock mustang
  13. Boosted Engine bays!

    @Turbotyla that looks amazing!
  14. Boosted Engine bays!

    @Turbotyla would love to see more pictures!
  15. Boosted Engine bays!

    @Turbotyla you have this bad boy up an running? Any updates?
  16. CURRENT Single Turbo Kit Options 18+ GT

    I want to say that Blow By racing has an option to connect back to the catback vs the bumper exit. for the recirculated waste gate you will likely have to get a shop to do that. Or build a one off custom single kit like many have done. Its what Ill be doing.
  17. tx2k20

    Who is going? Where are you staying?
  18. 2 Fastest 2018 mustangs and NEW WORLD RECORD by LPF

    Excited to see that for sure!