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  1. 2018 GT new dynopulls - not on par with previous tests

    %$# win. Jesus this is a tough crowd.....:headbonk: Enjoy the weekend...........:cheers:
  2. 2018 GT new dynopulls - not on par with previous tests

    OK, OK I got the Cobra problem year wrong, maybe it was '99. What I don't get is people being so willing to call BS on the numbers. I'm no expert but would not surprise me at all if the car makes more than 460HP because Ford doesn't want people getting low numbers on a dyno......that is EXACTLY...
  3. Bill’s NEW 2018 Mustang GT: First Impressions and Build Thread

    Someone on a local FB S550 group test drove a 6M, non PP '18 GT today and said it was "hands down" stronger than his CAI/Header/Tuned '15 GTPP........FWIW.
  4. 2018 GT new dynopulls - not on par with previous tests

    "People" are those questioning dyno results for the '18 GT. The American Muscle thread had several comments such as: "Ok that Dyno is definitely running a little hot. No way it's making 437 RWHP." After the '01 Cobra disaster, now way Ford is ever going to "over-rate" an engine. If anything, I...
  5. 2018 GT new dynopulls - not on par with previous tests

    Even as the owner of a '15 GT, I am scratching my head at people who are trying to call BS on the '18 GT power level.........who the %$#@ really cares whether the pull was on a Mustang or Dynojet machine? Hell, just buy a Camaro and be done with it..............
  6. Ummm what?!? Dealer has a NEW LE???

    Badge & Sticker LE cars just don't seem to have any real collector pull. Watch most any car auction and you'll see Indy 500 or Anniversary Corvettes, that were wrapped in plastic and put away, selling for less than their original sticker. The cars that pull big bucks have low production and...
  7. 2018 GT vs 2016 Camaro - Track Times Compared w/Video

    If sales were strictly about track numbers, Camaro would be blowing the Mustang away.....reality isn't only about track numbers. '15 Z/28s got great reviews, as a track car and turned great lap times....but every magazine said it was miserable as a DD they languished on dealer lots...
  8. Deciding Between EB and V6

    Another X factor is insurance for a young person. Females generally get more favorable rates but insurance companies, generally, frown on the word "turbo"......
  9. Deciding Between EB and V6

    6M = manual, yes. You're in Jacksonville? Off Lease Only has a 6M V6 on their lot in Miami:
  10. What would you do???? Trade or not

    For a key swap, the GT350 is a no-brainer........and thank you for the financial lesson..
  11. Shelby 350-H

    There is one at a dealer not far from where I work. Seems they are asking $55K for it. The pictures on their website show the front rotors with grooves in them....and not the good kind.......I'd be scared to death of how that car had beaten-on.
  12. What would you do???? Trade or not

    You don't seem to want opinions, only, go for it!
  13. What would you do???? Trade or not

    So you paid $42K but expect to get $50K in trade?
  14. What would you do???? Trade or not

    I wouldn't do it. I have a '15 GTPP with a Ford Racing/Roush Phase 1 blower plus a few other mods. Only 2,000 miles and title in hand. I figure it would cost me at least $25K to upgrade to a GT350.....just too much cash, even for a car that special. As the poster above mentioned, I think you...
  15. With '18s on the lot, how low can I get a '17 GT for?

    $26/$27K is where I've seen '17 Base GT's advertised locally....+/- $7K below sticker. I think that's legit because they're only showing their discount + rebate and all the other "qualified" rebates are shown below the line. I posted on another thread that a local dealer is showing a '17 Race...
  16. Deciding Between EB and V6

    If she is not an "enthusiast" and only wants an auto tranny, then V6 all the way. I would probably choose a 6M EB simply for the performance potential but as a DD car, I think V6 is the easy choice (there are also a few 6M V6 S550's but fairly rare pony...and probably very close to performance...
  17. Butt hurt 15-17 owners come on in!

    "Butt Hurt" doesn't really apply in this case, unless there are owners of '15-'17 S550s who actually thought the car would never get a significant HP bump. If Ford didn't make improvements, people would simply hang onto their cars longer.....a LOT of people upgrade nearly new cars over such...
  18. Roush Treasure Trove in Utah?

    Roush cars are ridiculously over-priced. $50K is about the price-point they should be given you could buy a premium GT in the low $30's, with discounts, blower kit is about $8,500, installed, active exhaust is $1,500, suspension upgrades maybe $2,500, wheels/tires $2,000 so you could replicate...
  19. Roush unveils new 2650 supercharger for 2018 Mustang

    Ford needs to bring back a rear-drive, 4 door sedan......think new LTD with 4 doors, 700HP and a 10-speed auto running 11 second quarter miles........with a mid $50K price point........they would sell every one they could make.
  20. PSA Don't Buy

    $52K is hardly a "deal" for a buy-back car. I bought a buy-back VW GLI several years back. Car had less than 2K miles and the timing chain broke and the engine was replaced. Brand new engine, full warranty, and the VW paperwork said that if there were any further warranty issues, I could request...