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  1. MagnaFlow

    Getting a new toy

    Congrats on the new ride! We love the wheels. When it comes time for exhaust, we'd be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please don't hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-990-0905!
  2. MagnaFlow

    Magnaflow XMOD

    Awesome! We can't wait to see the final video clips. Also for anyone that wanted more info on our xMOD system, you can find it here on our website:
  3. MagnaFlow

    New to me GT - eliminate drone

    Aaron, thanks for choosing our resonated X muffler for your Mustang! We think that should help your drone issue quite a bit. We'd love to hear what you think once everything is installed. Keep in mind, the muffler will take ~1000 miles of driving for the packing material to become fully...
  4. MagnaFlow

    Car gonna be too loud...need advice...

    You nailed it! Our Street catback is the perfect candidate to use with long-tube headers. Its more conservative sound and deep tone works perfectly with headers to even out the volume to a streetable level and prevents the raspiness you usually get. Most people say that combo is the perfect...
  5. MagnaFlow

    Headers + catback sound db? >103db?

    You may try out some of those cellphone app decibel readers, though we would allow a 1-2 decibel buffer to be safe because chances are they're going to read differently than the tech official's meter at the track. Worst case, you can always run some Laguna pipes. :giggle:
  6. MagnaFlow

    Exhaust in California

    As an exhaust manufacturer in California, we can tell you that there are 2 things to consider to ensure your exhaust is road legal: -The factory emissions system (this includes catalytic converters) hasn't been changed, moved, or modded in any way. In California, even though cars year 2000 and...
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    Axle back recommendations

    Our Competition catback has a very deep tone to it that helps cancel out a lof of the tinny/raspy sounds the coyotes are prone to at higher RPMs. The volume with your Borla midpipe should be just about perfect for a street-driven vehicle, too. If you have any questions about it, feel free to...
  8. MagnaFlow

    New S550 2015 owner Exhaust/Downpipe Help

    This is correct. The small 2 1/4" section will have negligible results on power, but if you are particular about it, a muffler shop should be able to replace that bit with full 3" for under an hour's labor.
  9. MagnaFlow

    Steeda H-Pipe + Magnaflow Race Series Axle-Back Exhaust

    We'd also be interested in hearing what that sounds like if you repost the video. Our guess is....that puppy is LOUD. :crackup:
  10. MagnaFlow

    Exhaust system for verts

    All of our standard catback and axleback systems (excluding xMOD) are compatible with both coupe and convertible. The only real fitment difference is the center support brace on the convertible models.
  11. MagnaFlow

    Twin turbo 2.5 vs 3 inch exhaust

    3" is recommended. The turbos are the biggest restriction in a forced induction setup, so generally the larger tubing dia you can use the better, but you will need to consider price, underbody clearance, etc when choosing a size. This is NOT the case for naturally aspirated vehicles.
  12. MagnaFlow

    Magnaflow competition catback with cat delete

    We wouldn't recommend it for most people unless you want it really REALLY loud.
  13. MagnaFlow

    Similar exhaust systems/mods to the Magnaflow Street?

    Both the Street and the Competition systems will use our Signature Straight-Through series mufflers. The only difference between the two systems for 2018+ mustangs is the Street has a resonated X midpipe while the Competition has an unresonated X.
  14. MagnaFlow

    Cat delete guys...

    This is something to keep in mind. If you live in a state that requires OBDII readiness checks you will NOT pass with 02 sensors that have been "tuned out" for a cat delete.
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    NEW Prototype MagnaFlow xMOD Cat-Back Install & Sound Clip

    We have big news today: the xMOD system for 18-20 GT's is now available!! We are VERY excited to release this system and have spent countless hours in R&D to ensure it's the best product that we could possibly make! The xMOD system is one of the only truly modular exhausts on the market that...
  16. MagnaFlow

    2019 gt catback

    We would recommend something like our Street cat back system. It pairs perfectly with LTHs and helps even out the raspiness that you usually get. Like all our systems it's made in the USA and backed by our lifetime warranty against any defects! If you are interested in learning more, please...
  17. MagnaFlow

    exhaust gives me headaches

    We would recommend something like our Street cat back system for a deep aggressive sound that isn't too loud for daily driving. It's relatively tame under idle and cruising conditions, but opens up nicely once you get on the throttle! You can find more info about it here on our website...
  18. MagnaFlow

    NEW Prototype MagnaFlow xMOD Cat-Back Install & Sound Clip

    Thanks for the overwhelmingly positive feedback, Guys! Seriously, it means a lot to us and was far more than we were expecting! We are very excited to start rolling out these new xMOD systems! We have put a ton of engineering behind them to make they are offering the best possible sound...
  19. MagnaFlow

    NEW Prototype MagnaFlow xMOD Cat-Back Install & Sound Clip

    Hi Guys, we hope everyone is staying safe out there! Last week we sent out a prototype of our new xMOD system for the 2019+ Mustang GT to Andrew at Mustang Lifestyle to test out and provide some feedback. He just released a video of the unboxing, install and sound. The results...well, you will...
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    Magnaflow Stainless Steel Tru-X Resonated X-Pipe for all 2015-2017 GT Mustangs

    You can expect the typical heat cycle period for our mufflers to be about 1k miles before you reach the final volume. :thumbsup: