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  1. 2018 GT TracApps won’t come up.

    Ok, yep she probably needs a reflash. I misunderstood the issue, so apologies. You could try disconnecting the battery for a few minutes and see if she reboots herself.
  2. 2018 GT TracApps won’t come up.

    Wait? are you saying the TracApps aren't there at all, or are they greyed out?
  3. 2018 GT TracApps won’t come up.

    Yes, you do. Go into driver assist, select pre-collision assist and uncheck both options.
  4. 2018 GT TracApps won’t come up.

    Go into driver assistance menu and turn off the collision avoidance stuff.
  5. Workouts / Eating Healthy (share yours)

    I've gone keto / paleo-eque with my eating habits. Really, I have cut out almost everything that comes out of a box, eat a lot of veg and meat, cut out dairy recently and no no no sugar or wheat. I also intermittent fast 16/8 with one day of 24 hrs fasting a week. I also weight train 4 days a...
  6. Help, Track apps greyed out

    Awesome! I finally was able to contribute to the board. Have fun!
  7. Help, Track apps greyed out

    I just went out to my car (2019 GT PP1 6 spd) and checked. Once I disabled both options in the pre collision assist menu, track apps were available.
  8. Help, Track apps greyed out

    I had to disable the collision avoidance I think. It was that or the lane departure feature. I don't recall which off the top of my head but it is in your menu.
  9. Fuel

    I don't have any problem finding it, but I pay a price for it, lol.
  10. Fuel

    I run top tier 91 octane, can't find 93 near me. Also, try to ensure it's 100% gas, not E10.
  11. First oil change

    If you're going to a dealer, they likely won't give you an option on the freebie oil change. You're gonna get MC 5W20 synthetic blend. Nothing wrong with it, so don't worry about it.
  12. FORScan Codes - S550 Mustangs

    I just got the base radio. I was unaware the B&O had a CD.
  13. FORScan Codes - S550 Mustangs

    Change APIM as built data: 7D0-04-01 x0xx xxxx xxxx - Removes CD from audio sources
  14. Is the easy oil pan plug worth a try?

    Also got the Ronin plug. I had to make a huge mess in my driveway to install it, but that is the last time I have to make the mess :)
  15. Tire time what do you love or hate

    I may have been the guilty party in this diversion but the OP asked without being specific on the type of tire he was asking about. 99% of street only cars don't need a summer specific tire and UHP A/S tires work surprisingly well with the added benefit of being somewhat longer lasting. I am...
  16. Tire time what do you love or hate

    The Google machine told me.
  17. Anyone from late 90s-mid 2000s Corral forums hang out here?

    I was on there when I had my '03 GT, same username, lol.
  18. Tire time what do you love or hate

    Take a look at the General AS-05. Made by Continental and is a UHP A/S tire. I switched to these on my PP1 when it started getting cold and I have zero regrets. I might not even worry about putting the MPS4s back on in the spring. Check Amazon for pricing, I was able to get the rear tires for...
  19. Is the GT premium worth it over the stock GT

    I bought a 19 base GT PP1 6 speed manual. I didn't think I would miss some of the creature comforts the other trim levels come in, Mustang leather usually sucks over time, no leather no heated seats and so on. I am not an audiophile either...but I quickly came to hate that little 4" screen and I...
  20. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 5w-20 on sale at WalMart 5qt $16.25

    Figures, I just received 10 qts from them yesterday at the $24 price :explode: