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  1. Mysterious Passenger Wire Under glovebox, split wire + fuse? Any ideas?

    Assuming that's connector c215 in the passenger side kick panel. That purple/green wire is a fuel pump wire power wire. Might have had a fuel system in its previous life.
  2. Another Gen 5 whipple thread .

    900whp on the stock motor and he is not happy. Lol. I love it! How much timing were you seeing?
  3. Washington 2018+ Intake Manifold Takeoff

    Good luck, I sent him a p.m. 2 weeks ago, got no response.
  4. Technical Reference Document: 2011-2019 5.0L Coyote V8 Engine Improvements & Changes

    Anything like this showing the differences between the engines found in the trucks and the mustangs?
  5. Georgia Circle D 10R80 Converter (New)

    Was it built for forced induction or na?
  6. Georgia Circle D 10R80 Converter (New)

    What diameter is it?
  7. 2018-2020 FORE FUEL RAILS

    Is the boost controller for sale?
  8. From what people have said..

    I also never dragged the car back to MIR where it went in the .20's, and I only put the 3.375" pulley on once after that. My local track gives me shit if I go over 135mph, and it does that now with the 3.5" pulley easily.
  9. From what people have said..

    Quickest the car has been was on the stock whipple tune, hasnt gone any quicker with the changes i have made, though it did dyno better.

    Sick. Congrats guys! What a great time to be a car guy!
  11. First 2020 GT500 Dyno Video 705rwhp

    Based on the weight and the hp numbers I would say the 1/4 mile times we have seen are in line? With a good set of tires and good d.a. they should be bottom 10's 130+. Can't afford one, but good times to be a car guy!
  12. Atco NJ Track Rental November 15

    How much to have two drivers for the same car? I am going to do a shake down pass before I hand the keys to the owner of the truck. No big deal if I have to pay more. Thanks again for putting this on!
  13. Atco NJ Track Rental November 15

    Driveshaft is supposed to be done today. I am in. Should I pay ahead of the time, or just hand you cash when I get there?
  14. Atco NJ Track Rental November 15

    Spots still open? Just finished headers, and a Whipple on a 19 F150 Standard cab, short box, rwd. If I get the driveshaft made in time, I might bring it down with some slicks to see what it will do on the stock suspension.
  15. Leaking coolant near the back of the engine

    There isn't coolant that far down in the block... Which probably means there are more cracks.. Something traumatic happened to that poor car.
  16. Accelerating in 6th?

    Yeah, with 3.31's and a 28in tire it will go 199mph in 5th at 8k rpm.
  17. Fried PCM?

    Sounds like the timing is still off...Sucks man, if you were in the area I would have you bring it over to the shop.
  18. Fried PCM?

    There is no real way to know how far your timing is off. The only way to check timing is to take the chains off and go through the procedure. You trust the shop enough to do the timing, but not enough to trust their diagnosis? Seems odd. Only thing I can add is did they do or have the...
  19. New York 2016 Mustang Gt

    Putting up my Mustang for sale. New project is here. Was not going to put it for sale as is, but it is such a good running, reliable combination that I honestly feel bad putting it back to stock. Whipple stage 2, i.d. 1000 injectors, Methanol injection, has all supporting mods, clutch...