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  1. VMP Gen3R Budget Kits

    Where did you get the spacers from?
  2. Front plates?

    As an LEO i could give 2 shits about having a front plate. However If I suspect that you're dirty or doing something stupid I will use it a PC to initiate a stop. DPS is the worst about it.
  3. Question about F150's

    What is your purpose of needing a truck? In my opinion they are 2 totally different trucks. The 2.7 is a stout little engine that gets good mpg. It's even better if you put a tune on it. It's an STX which is pretty low on options. The second one has more options on it. it's 4wd and a lot...
  4. Trading in the mustang come March

    For 45K you can pick up a used CTS-V that will look better, perform better and isn't a Dodge.
  5. Rear spoiler

    Bolted and taped. The easiest way to get it off is with heat and fishing line. Even then it's a pain in the ass.
  6. Ford Racing ProCal Tune

    No matter where you get it done you have to email Ford Performance.
  7. Blow-Off Valve Cap

    I used these a few weeks ago. Looks stock.
  8. Ford Racing ProCal Tune

    I put this on my daughters car this past weekend and it woke the car up substantailly. I was consistently see 24 pounds of boost. I'm going to give it until 36k and then I'll probably throw a real tune on it.
  9. Vacuum line size

    LOL. She wanted it and I can't leave anything stock so yes, that's what she's getting.
  10. Vacuum line size

    Does anyone know what size the vacuum line is that goes to the factory wastegate? I picked up a used MAP intercooler and piping system and it didn't come with the replacement T or vacuum line. I don't have possession of the car yet because it's in storage waiting until my daughter graduates. I'm...
  11. SVO vs. Ecoboost - /DRIVE

    It's not a PP car. They probably said that to make up for the fact that the SVO was going to get slaughtered.
  12. Sold the Mustang, Tons of Performance Parts

    Is the intercooler a stock sized replacement?
  13. Adding PP gauges to non PP EB car

    Here's the original thread. There's a YouTube link in there with a great how to guide.
  14. Adding PP gauges to non PP EB car

    I saw a great write-up on adding PP gauges to a non PP car last week but now I can't seem to find it anywhere. I've searched every way I can think of. I am wanting to do this for my daughter's graduation present. Any help would be appreciated. NVMD. I found it.
  15. Tracking the EcoBoost

    I'm getting an EB PP for my daughter's graduation so I've been test driving them and also a non PP car. The PP car is very fun to drive. The PP comes with the GT brakes so they'd need to be upgraded for serious track duty. The economist doesn't have as much understeer as the GT's I've driven. If...
  16. Tracking the EcoBoost

    You'd have to change out the FMIC at a minimum and probably change the brakes.
  17. 2016 Mustang GT vs EB, which one to buy?

    If you can't modify it then get the GT. The Ecoboost stangs are underwhelming stock.
  18. Must do European driving roads

    When I was stationed in Naples, Italy I always liked going down the Amalfi coast.