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  1. Bullitt owners only - How old are you?

    74 - 2019 Bullitt
  2. Car back at the dealership....Wont go into Reverse

    Yes, your right about the push-down that's why I went with the MGW shifter fantastic shifter NO plastic on this shifter!!!
  3. Bullitt Production Numbers

    These figures are not in stone 2019 Bullitt 8040 and 2020 Bullitt 3566
  4. Wrench Warning Light

    That's the big mistake you made by not disconnecting the battery. Disconnect the battery now and check to see the start button is in correctly then wait a minute or so and then connect battery up again then it should reset!
  5. Got my 5Spurs Shifter surround today!

    Yes, I agree with you that is the area that was my concern those holes!
  6. Got my 5Spurs Shifter surround today!

    I have a question why is there two little holes in the front?
  7. My plans for my Bullitt

    If you are going with the MGW shifter its push down! Your going have to change the stock knob to fit the MGW shifter MGW sells knobs to fit. You better call them and find out for yourself. If you want an aftermarket knob like I did white no big deal you have to know the pitch of the threads and...
  8. My plans for my Bullitt

    In my opinion I would say NO on the Supercharger why? I use to have GT500 and a Cobra Mustang with superchargers and hated the sound it sounded like a missile however, a lot of people like them because of more horsepower. To me there is nothing is this world like a high horsepower Natural...
  9. If you thought the poster was cool...

    Yes, I already have the 1:18 scale that's why I wanted the 1:12 scale can be pre-ordered from "Mint Models Precision Diecast" for $299 plus shipping.
  10. If you thought the poster was cool...

    They are coming out with a 2019 Mustang Bullitt 1:12 scale I already pre-ordered one :)
  11. Another Black or Green thread .............. lol

    I totally agree green!!!!!
  12. Car Tooned Up !!

    Good response Voo Doo your right he does not know what he's talking about!!!!
  13. Bullitt mods

    I changed my 2019 Bullitt with a MGW and its the best thing I did. When you look at the stock one with all the plastic you will see why. Plus the shorter throw!! The only thing the reverse is pushing down then left and up instead lifting up. For me its no big deal because of the pluses of the...
  14. Rear window Louver on 2019 Bullitt?!

    Bad links and no pictures!
  15. Rear window Louver on 2019 Bullitt?!

    Your being very technical I know that however, does it really matter?
  16. Rear window Louver on 2019 Bullitt?!

    Its a personal choice Jordan however, I did why? Well the 68 Bullitt had it and I think it looks great on the 19 Bullitt but, then again its up to the owner! Joe

    I always was a Bullitt movie fan with McQueen but, there is a big connection I have with Steve McQueen we both were Marines and that tops it all!! Joe
  18. Short Throw Shifter

    MGW all the way! Its the best thing I did with my 2019 Bullitt never missed a gear and a much shorter throw your love it. The only downside is reverse you have to push down and over. For me its no big deal how often do you put your Bullitt in reverse but, some people have a problem with it they...
  19. Center Caps ?

    If you can let Kevin know from 5 Spurs that you want the metal center caps he might make them if he has enough of 2019 Bullitt owners who want them! I already told him myself. Joe
  20. 2019 vs 2020

    Yes, there is a difference! PRICE is more on the 2020!!!