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  1. 2017 Stang doors opening unexpectedly

    This happened to my 2015 built MY16 GT convertible. Had been driving the car for a few kilometres then for no reason the driver's door popped open along with the dashboard warning message. Reported to dealer and who knows what they did, if anything. But never happened again.
  2. AC blower motor surge??

    The evap and compressor were replaced late last year. Ever since I've had this erratic fan speed that surges every 12 secs. Sometimes gurgling noises come from behind dash at same time, in same rythym. Ford says all normal. "They all do it". This is rubbish as I have personally experienced...
  3. Piston Slap

    If u mean a/c compressor, yes. Still makes noise with a/c off.
  4. AC blower motor surge??

    That they all have erratic fan speed. Which is simply not true because mine didn’t have this. I also haven’t yet found this ‘characteristic’ personally in any other car ... only some on this forum. Still not resolved yet.
  5. Piston Slap

    Thanks GT Pony. That’s my conclusion too, unfortunately. Will advise what the dealer thinks.
  6. Piston Slap

    Thanks for your replies guys ... Yes, 2016 GT. Here is another video with a few revs. The knocking seemed to get faster I thought but there was other mechanical noise competing .. It mostly makes the noise when warm, not usually when cold. You can also hear in cabin at low speeds
  7. Piston Slap

    Is this piston slap? Doesn’t sound like bbq tick. It has too much rhythm. Something else?
  8. AC blower motor surge??

    Yes. Has anyone had this resolved? Mine only started doing this, along with intermittent gurgling/grinding noises from behind dashboard, after the compressor and evaporator were replaced. Dealer thought it a problem until Ford got involved. Ford said it was a characteristic and they all do it.
  9. Aircon stopped working

    Anyone here in Melbourne who could help me benchmark my car's A/C issues? I'm being told things some things are 'characteristics' and normal to the model but I don't believe them. If you don't mind giving up a few minutes of your time please PM me and we can discuss. Thanks :)
  10. Aircon stopped working

    Good for those who have had no further issues with their a/c post the major surgery. Thanks for the feedback :) Will see if I can find any correlation between my bluetooth phone connected and the surging. But it happened for the dealer without my phone present so my guess is that it's not...
  11. Aircon stopped working

    Good advice thanks GT 550. Will do. Anyone else has the a/c 'surge' that I described?
  12. Aircon stopped working

    My car has joined 'the club'. First diagnosis was re-gas and die test. Repair didn't last and system failed completely a few months later. Therefore the big repair ... took about 5 days. Evaporator and compressor replaced. Since the repair, vehicle has: 1. Intermittent a/c creaks and groans...
  13. Aussie Exhausts

    Great thread - thanks to everyone who has contributed to this - helped to make my decision on choosing a new exhaust a lot easier. A big shout-out to Fred from Suspension Parts Online. His advice and in particular his offer of demonstrating the Borla S-Type (cat-back) made it easier to...
  14. Aussie Exhausts

    Thanks that's great. Sounds just what I'm wanting to hear! Yes, the Mustang is a little slippery in the wet! I'm sure we've all discovered that, but hopefully not in the wrong place/time.
  15. Aussie Exhausts

    ... well I guess we don't have to look at these things under the car, lol, as long as they SOUND like what we're looking for. Could that rasp you're talking about be the X-pipe rather than the mufflers?
  16. Aussie Exhausts

    Thanks ssb. I notice you have an S-Type Borla Axle Back (plus an X pipe). Are you also happy with the note of this? There's a video on CJ's website where it sounds deep and throaty and little rasp. Would that be correct?
  17. Aussie Exhausts

    Thanks Phil. JBAs don't seem to get the coverage that the other big brands get. Do a Google search and they just don't seem to come up with vids and comments. Not sure why. Thanks for your feedback - that's good to know.
  18. Aussie Exhausts

    Looking to upgrade my GT convertible (auto) exhaust. Being an auto have been told that axle back is safest way to avoid drone (rather than cat back). Has anyone had the JBA axle back installed on their convertible? I'm looking for a classic deep V8 rumble but maybe not as much crackle, pop...
  19. AU Delivery Checklist

    Disappointing to hear that TZE! Similar story to my car 9 months ago. Not only must there be little quality control in the factory (still!) - but then the dealers are generally not checking the cars before delivery either! Anyhow, the new paint on my car is indistinguishable from the rest and...
  20. Problems found on Australian Mustangs

    Yes. Usually when the auto lights have just been triggered off. I think the system sometimes takes a while to work itself out. It fixes itself so I haven't reported it to dealer but my car goes in tomorrow for warranty items so I will mention it also.