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  1. Lets Talk DSS Install

    No published weights on their website so I'll have to weigh it when I get a chance.
  2. Lets Talk DSS Install

    After 10+ weeks, driveshaft is here. It seems like a no-brainer on the surface, but I'd rather talk it outloud than assume anything. The shaft didn't come with any instructions, but the new DSS shafts have the correct flange for the pinion, thus there's no adaptors or anything like that. With...
  3. Shelby GT350 Garage Photos

    Not new, but caught this pic of the garage and really like it for some reason...
  4. BFG All Terrain KO 2's

    Thoughts? Opinions. This tire seems to be the gold standard off road, all terrain tire. Only serious "off roading" it would probably ever see with me is some good deep snow play in the winter. Guess my main questions would be related to that and how you guys have faired with these in...
  5. LMR SVE GT350R replica wheels fitment on GT350R

    A 305 should/would fit just fine on a 10” wheel. Not the wheel in question, but the sizes are good for comparison. Here’s a 295 on a 10” front (305 on 11” rear), and it’s fairly stretched. A 305 on a 10” wouldn’t have that much stretch obviously, but it should still be a good looking fit with...
  6. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Yeah, that switch is nice if you have the need like you guys do. As I stated, having never had my valves closed, can’t really see the $300 option. But I like it.
  7. The ALL NEW uCal tuning device available for pre-order here at Lethal Performance!

    Is this being promoted as an nGauge replacement?
  8. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    I've ruuullllyyyy been thinking about doing these. My only hesitation has been losing control with the switch when you want it...which is retrospect is pretty darn dumb considering I've literally never had my valves closed!🙄. But not having to do the fast switch dance on a cold start sure...
  9. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Meh...I don't know if it's worth all that, LOL!
  10. Smacked a Curb Hard!

    The car is at the house. Gonna tackle it here first. Like you guys said; relax, get it up in the air, and see what we got. May just be a matter of replacing bent components. It’s only the right rear and she’s bent. That wheel is toe’d out like a mofo. Pic is looking fairly straight down the...
  11. Smacked a Curb Hard!

    No body damage. And I can replace bent/broken parts. Just wasn't sure about any subframe damage or bent metal (outside actual components) that might not show up to the naked eye. Maybe an alignment is a good place to start, but some of those places are hit or miss also as to capabilities...
  12. OEM Seat Options

    It's not a R vs regular difference. You can't get the Lazy Boy seats in the R, but the Recaro's that come in each are the same; sans the color of stitching.
  13. Smacked a Curb Hard!

    What would be your guys’ first steps after smacking a curb pretty damn hard? Something is jacked up. Car drives crooked. Body shop? Start with an alignment shop? Dealer? Not sure where to even start, lol. Thanks guys. *note...not my car...asking for a buddy’s car. Seriously.
  14. Pronounced Driving Mode Differences?

    Some random points... - If the exhaust valves are stuck, you should have a "mode not available" pop-up in the center instrument screen. - The different modes are very pronounced. Enough to notice. Exhaust opens and closes, shocks severely firm up, steering mode changes, how linear the...
  15. Carbon Fiber Front Bumper

    I wanna say I saw something along the lines of $60K somewhere. Don't quote me on that.
  16. Carbon Fiber Front Bumper

    I'd bet money SpeedKore will do it (I've got some stuff made there), but you shall pay dearly for it.
  17. Selling GT350R for new Porsche 718 Spyder?

    Uugghhh...currently dealing with my first temptation ever to sell/trade the 350. This is absolutely gorgeous in person. Just. Plain. Sexy. Manual trans also. This is the only time in 3+ years I’ve been sooooo tempted.
  18. Extended Warranty: Base, Extra, Or Premium?

    I called. The one from Ford you can do payments on. But the warranty is 3X the price for the same thing.
  19. Front Alignment to stop Corded Tires

    I've been doing a ton of snooping around this site also. May even just buy this string set up and his camber tools. Any opinions on this place/training course...
  20. Front Alignment to stop Corded Tires

    Only thing I would question or argue on this, would be using toe plates, no? Now you're lowering your car down onto something that'll let the suspension completely relax, or realllyyy darn close. Or do you still disagree with that? Oh yeah, exactly. I don't think anyone would use the tire...