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  1. I "think" Ford secretly allows Ceratec.

    I contacted liqui moly and they said it's safe to use the full 6-7% dosage each change. I had better results with two bottles over the one. But one was still a major improvement. With one there would be an occasional tick. Two bottles none at all. My car sounds like an old beater otherwise.
  2. I "think" Ford secretly allows Ceratec.

    I'm doing my next change this week and I'm going try something different and use the Liqui Moly 5-W20 Ford spec oil on it's own without any Cera Tec.
  3. Manual alignment?

    I think I'll stick with the manual shop then. The times I used them the steering wheel was always strait too. I get burned up when the steering wheel is off center. Had a car with custom suspension and a subframe issue. I think it took him nearly 3 hours.
  4. Manual alignment?

    I just got a new set of tires at 30K miles and I am looking to do an alignment now. There is an independent shop around here that specializes in suspension and alignments. My prior mechanic (now retired) would not do alignments on my previous cars (being German) and recommended me to this...
  5. Why is A10 Dragstrip mode so smooth?

    Let me know what you find. I think drag mode without WOT responds in a similar way to rain/snow mode. Logically, rain/snow should be the first option that comes up, although it would drive most people nuts. Another thing I think drag does is use the epas to keep the car straight. Turns...
  6. Why is A10 Dragstrip mode so smooth?

    I did take it in to the dealer but they wanted to clear the adaptions first. Have to go back for a second service trip unfortunately.
  7. New Lund e85 dyno numbers

    I'm curious too how a sealed intake compares to a K&N drop in filter and the hydrocarbon pad delete. As silly as it is, that hydrocarbon pad delete seems to make a bigger difference than people expect. On some car models it's matched aftermarket intakes. The only thing I can speculate is that...
  8. Sync 3 Stuck with only Navigation after Update DL

    It's just a visual indication where the touch was registered. It makes a brief circle on the screen where you touched. For here I think it's just for debugging/testing but it's a common design technique as well.
  9. Why is A10 Dragstrip mode so smooth?

    I am not. As stated on the first post I was just evaluating transmission behaviors to see if the hard shifts were still present. Many people are getting a hard thunk/jolt anywhere from 3rd to 5th that clearing adaptions does not solve. My finding is that it is completely gone in dragstrip...
  10. Why is A10 Dragstrip mode so smooth?

    Thanks, done all the above already. I've just stopped worrying about the hard shifts. Now I'm just curious about drag strip being so smooth. It makes me think the hard shifts may be software related. But I have reset the adaptive trans. Perhaps dragstrip mode is calm under light throttle to...
  11. Why is A10 Dragstrip mode so smooth?

    No, just normal driving. Not what that mode is for. In normal, sport, and track I get a heavy thunk from 4th to 5th. I'm also running Lund E85 flex but the hard shifts are also there with stock.
  12. Sync 3 Stuck with only Navigation after Update DL

    Thanks, I would have figured that one out eventually. Perhaps that's what's up with mobile apps too, lol
  13. Why is A10 Dragstrip mode so smooth?

    On a discussion about hard hard shifts for the A10 someone mentioned drag mode was smooth. I have a hard 4th to 5th shift in normal and sport mode so I decided to give it a try. I don't think I could get them that smooth with the paddles. It is unbelievably smooth and tame feeling. I would...
  14. PS4S versions

    In the PS4S 20s it is basically a generic, Mercedes and a Porsche variation. There is only one PSS showing and that's a BMW version.
  15. PS4S versions

    I found mention there is a Tesla version with sound dampening foam but otherwise, the specs seem 100% identical.
  16. New Lund e85 dyno numbers

    I just have the K&N drop in and the carbon evap pad removed. I'm not sure how far off that setup would be but it doesn't look as nice as that Injen. I've never dynoed but I'd be curious to try and E85R run while the ethanol content is still high enough. Even down here in Florida the E85...
  17. PS4S versions

    Anyone know what the differences in the versions are for the PS4S 265/35ZR20? There are also Porsche and Mercedes variants. Price has gotten expensive too, I thought they used to be about $100 less.
  18. New Lund e85 dyno numbers

    Thanks! I was told by my tuner not to get a CAI on a 2018+ so I've been curious to see a before and after. I can see why people don't do it as you would need two tunes to load. Hopefully my question doesn't turn into 20 pages of fighting. CAI discussions can sometimes do that. I keep E85...
  19. I "think" Ford secretly allows Ceratec.

    I concur, I've never noticed on a dipstick or when draining when the OLM goes off. Only other way to tell it's in there is by how smooth the engine sounds.
  20. Sync 3 Stuck with only Navigation after Update DL

    I'm still trying to figure out when the brightness works and when it doesn't. Might just be with car on, off, auto lights, etc. Or it might be basic Ford electronics weirdness. The Lincoln 2020 theme is just so much more elegant, I keep going back to it. Only thing I don't like is the popup...