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    Same happened when I had my GT. Woke up to find a massive crack right across screen. Autoglass came out the next day with a Ford OEM part but after he had removed the old screen he found an aberration in the new one where the laminate was not bonded together properly. Meant I had to...
  2. A lot of people selling up ..

    I had mine 2 years but then a drastic change in income and where I had to live made me sell my forever car. Luckily for such a tiny loss. Annoyingly now I'm back in London, Mayor Khan is forcing me to sell my other forever car, an owned for 20 years BMW e36, as it's not ULEZ compliant and...
  3. So I couldn't wait... got a GT.. Updated with pics :)

    I loved my Competition Orange but it always looked Race Red in pics. Now that is the Orange I thought I was getting. Lovely car sir.
  4. Last Ditch Attempt to sell those MY15-17's!

    That makes me think how lucky I was to sell mine for £30k after 2 years. It was a bargain £34k brand new. I do wish that I could have held on to it but sadly circumstances changed and I needed the money.
  5. Handbrake Creak

    I remember helping a woman who couldn't drive her car out of a tight parking space in a supermarket. I drove the car out for her, yanked on the handbrake and left her to go shopping. Half an hour later I come out to complete chaos in the car park. It's gridlocked and lots of horns blaring and...
  6. The joy of a Mustang

    Waah! I miss my GT!
  7. Dealer stock discounted new MY17s

    I paid 34k for my 2016 GT in Jan '16 and sold it 23 months and 14k miles later for 30k. That's cheap, very cheap motoring in my book.
  8. Where's everone getting these price lists from?

    Something drastic happened to me. I did intend to keep my 2016 forever but....... Glad to say that after selling at 2 years old and 14k miles, I only lost £4k so £2k per year. Pretty damn happy with that.
  9. Where's everone getting these price lists from?

    Whoa! So to order similar to my GT with Sat Nav and parking sensors, which arrived Jan 2016 and cost £34k, it's now £42k. OK, it comes with a few extras as standard, as in what the 2016s should have had, but I would not have been buying it at £42k. Sadly, I have just sold mine, but seeing this...
  10. It's gone, sob!

    Thanks Slowhand, and Stiggy I pulled the ad as soon as it was sold.
  11. It's gone, sob!

    It was nice to see it go to a lad who was so excited and already has mods in mind and works for his family's body shop, thus he had no problem with the hole in the fog light surround. Apart from eBay pics, I was cleaning it yesterday as I had a place at the Pistonheads Sunday Service in Dorking...
  12. It's gone, sob!

    Many reasons why I have to move back to the Smoke. One is saving money, would you believe :D The hours spent commuting were doing me in and the cost in fuel, even using my lesser car, was eye watering. But most importantly I will be around the corner from my kids who need me and I miss...
  13. Nice car mate is it a....?

    Had a copper who stopped me saying what is it? and what's it worth? 130k?, 150k? He was shocked when I told him not much more than his patrol car. A parking ticket guy put it down as a Ford Capri which got me off the fine.
  14. It's gone, sob!

    Put it on eBay around 230pm today, chap called at 3pm and just drove down from Chester to me in Surrey, paid the money and I have just watched it drive away at midnight. Heart breaking. She looked so good and sounded wonderful as she was driven down my lane. Sadly she had to go, especially as...
  15. S550 Coilovers

    So what would the ballpark figure be for buying and fitting the above? Cheers
  16. Dash lights went out??

    Sometimes mine gets confused after switching to dark for a few moments like a tunnel or bridge. Comes out of night mode and then no dial lights. Comes back within a minute or so. Bloody electronics. That's why I still love my 20 year old BMW, no silly gubbins or that bloody touch screen. When...
  17. Sync 2 upgrade to 3.10?

    Can this not be down over the air? ie using the car connected to wifi.
  18. Sync 2 upgrade to 3.10?

    How about if you only have a Mac?
  19. Look what the morons at VW have done

    Have the police turned up yet?
  20. Used market dead?

    Had mine up for sale before the Summer. Started at 33 and dropped to 31. No interest apart from one private buyer desperate for my CO GT but was waiting on sale of property. It fell thru. Eventually a trader offered 29 and I set about giving it a wash as per traders instructions...