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  1. WhiteyDog

    Now math is racist? what?

    Isn't a matrix a cousin to the function table? I think it depends on what function you are using it for. Kinda, sorta?
  2. WhiteyDog

    Benny Levittown ford

    If you PM him or contact him on the Levittown Ford vendor's site he'll get back to ya, Ordered a few items through him already. Always a good experience.
  3. WhiteyDog

    285/35/20 fitment question

    Going from the 10" wide wheels at the time (Niche Targa's) to the 11" wide wheels (MRR M600's) in the back I'd have to say no, not really. When I first went to the 285 width tire in the front, then I felt it a little, but it isn't anything too crazy. I just like the wider rubber for the kind of...
  4. WhiteyDog

    285/35/20 fitment question

    Understood, just throwing some first hand experience info out there.
  5. WhiteyDog

    285/35/20 fitment question

    Just to also help with some info: I am running 285/35/20 tires on the front with 10" wide wheels with a +35 offset, and the rears are 305/35/20's on a 10.5" wide wheel with a +50 offset. I'm lowered on Steeda ultimate handling springs which have me lowered about 3/4" all around. The rears are...
  6. WhiteyDog


    I never had any dealings with PBD, but I've heard of them having many happy customers. I've used Lund since shortly after I went with forced induction four years ago and through all my upgrades I never, ever, had a problem with their customer service. After doing a few datalogs after each...
  7. WhiteyDog

    Header hitting frame of car

    Yep, this is why I spent the coin on the Kook's, and got the OEM gaskets. I'm not saying you have to buy Kook's because there are other good brands out there, but I had no issues with fitment, the welds, the quality, and I sure as h*ll didn't have to take a hammer to them. Take those sh*t...
  8. WhiteyDog

    VMP Gen3R Budget Kits

    I bought them from VMP. But I don't think they're available there anymore. The company that makes the pair I have is called MFP. I believe they're located in Australia.
  9. WhiteyDog

    Mach 1 Pricing = Invoice - 2%

    Yeah, you got that right. That Jennifer Lopez song "Love don't cost a thing" is full of sh*t!
  10. WhiteyDog

    What can we do for You?

    As in the past, thank you Benny for your help and a code.
  11. WhiteyDog

    What can we do for You?

    Okay, let's make this happen. It doesn't have to be right now, it's a Friday evening and the car is sitting for the winter anyway.
  12. WhiteyDog

    What can we do for You?

    I believe so. Cut both of them and splice the needed ends together.
  13. WhiteyDog

    VMP Gen3R Budget Kits

    I have the Roush/Ford Racing supercharger with the VMP triple pass H/E and their upgraded intercooler pump, along with phenolic spacers. IAT's are never an issue anymore. Even with ambient temps in the 90's. Every mod can drop IAT's little by little, but if they are available, the phenolic...
  14. WhiteyDog

    What can we do for You?

    Okay, sounds good. Thank you.
  15. WhiteyDog

    What can we do for You?

    Hi Benny, thanks for responding. Yes, that's the supercharger I have. A Roush/Ford Racing Phase II for 2015-2017 Mustang GT's. Yes, I would be looking at getting this pump as an upgrade.
  16. WhiteyDog

    High flow cat life expectancy

    I have Kook's headers with the high flow cats. I'm at 675rwhp and haven't had any issues so far. Happier than a pig in the mud.
  17. WhiteyDog

    What is it that you love about the Mustang?

    I never bought a new vehicle until I saw the S550. It takes awhile for things to grow on me, but I saw this one and jumped on it. The color (DIB), the styling, the factory stripes, manual trans, the interior, and gear ratio just all clicked for me. And I mostly owned GM vehicles.
  18. WhiteyDog

    10 Speed Auto or 6 Speed Manual, what say you?

    I don't have anything against an A10 or who prefers them. Actually, I've never driven one. To me, having the windows down and listening to the headers and exhaust when I shift and the way it feels is like having sex while drinking a rum and coke and a second hot chick sprinkling $100 bills on...
  19. WhiteyDog

    What can we do for You?

    Hey Benny, will the wiring pigtail on your 2013-2014 GT500 intercooler pump (M-8501-M58), be plug and play into my Roush/Ford Racing supercharger system connectors? It's a 2016 with stock hoses and connections.
  20. WhiteyDog

    Mach1 order Poll- Stick or Auto?

    Deep, philosophical words that carry so much meaning and feeling to the masses. At the next inauguration you, YOU my friend, will be giving a speech instead of some nonsensical poems. Thank you.