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  1. Tony Alonso's 2015 GT Magnetic Fastback Journal

    Mustang Update Hey Tony, I was just browsing, saw you posted the other day and thought I would say hello. My wife and I moved to Atlanta in June, I am missing FUEL and driving around southern Ohio. The next time I come back it will be in my NEW Mustang; I traded in my 2015 RR GT Base...
  2. Race Red Rear-diffuser on black premium?

    No other accents... maybe paint the rood red too?
  3. Race Red Rear-diffuser on black premium?

    I am thinking about painting my rear diffuser on my black premium GT Race Red... Thoughts? Can anyone photo-shop one for me? Thanks!
  4. Welcome to AtlantaS550s!

    Just in from KY Glad to see this site, I will keep track of meet-ups and head to one. Cars and Octane on 6/7 anyone,?
  5. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    10,000 Mile Treats To celebrate hitting the 10,000 mile mark today I had the following done: Full Synthetic Oil Change Ford Racing X-pipe Installed Steeds Progressive Lowering Springs installed. Of course then I just drove straight to work and haven't had time to play. What I did...
  6. Hillbank Mustang At Global Time Attack Button Willow

    Sweet car. Running TSW Interlagos myself. What is your set up (rims and tire size)? Thanks!
  7. Rear spoiler on Gt 2015 Mustang,,,Yes or No..

    Yes! OEM GT spoiler is perfect I was thinking Delete when I ordered the car, but decided to get it. Really love it now.
  8. Trailering Lowered GT clearance concerns

    So, I plan on having the new Steeda Progressive Springs installed next week. Shortly afterwards I plan on trailering the car to GA (on a Penske drive on trailer). Do you all think it will drive on okay? Non PP GT, standard splitter. Thanks!
  9. Great driving Roads in the East coast...

    Interstate 64 in Virginia Not sure if that counts as East Coast... My wife and I drove from Richmond, VA (NASCAR Sunday) back to Cincinnati. We took 64 across VA and WV. That road was STUNNING!!! If you have time ride it all the way into WV, sweet mountain pass along the way.
  10. New Custom Pedals Installed

    Really Cool Pedals- What was the price? Those look so cool, how much were they? Thanks!
  11. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Pulled the clutch spring this morning and am really glad I did. Rev-matching actually comes together, before pulling the spring I was constantly off with my timing.
  12. Wait for Race Red or buy exact same car in CO from lot?

    RR!!! I actually haven't seen a CO in person, but I think RR looks the best (my 15 is my 3rd RR) out of the colors I have seen so far.
  13. New TSW Interlagos

    Looks great Peter!
  14. New TSW Interlagos

    I love TSW wheels, had TSW Nurburgrings on my 2013 GT. I had to have TSW's on my 15. I worked with Jason Tung at GetYourWheels, he was really awesome; answered all my goofy questions about offsets etc, got me exactly what I wanted and got them shipped out really quick. Funny story, the...
  15. M6G & Friends Mini-Meetup in Cincinnati, OH

    Awesome pics. Thanks for coming down, was fun to have you guys around and snap those pics. See ya next time...
  16. Introduce yourself!!

    dang, so weird about the light in NM, I knew that car was in NM the second I looked at the pic (w/o looking at your profile). I lived in Santa Fe for a couple years, the light there really is it's own thing. Nice car btw.
  17. 18 Inch OEM Tires $500 OBO

    Hello, Selling the Pirelli P-Zeros off my 2015 Mustang wheels. 125 each. OBO. Send a PM with BO. Thanks.
  18. Base GT Wheels/Tires for sale

    Hey Tony, What's your offer for the tires? Let me know and we'll work something out. Thanks! Andy
  19. Base cloth seats (non-Recaro)

    I have found the base cloth seats to be fantastic! Great looking, really grippy, more than adequate bolstering, a lot of adjustability, lighter than the leather. Waaaaaay better than last generation seats. The seat is narrower for sure and that suits me just great!